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  • Pepperberry Fragrance Oil

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Pepperberry:This complex warm blend starts out with traditional Black Pepper notes mixed with Black Orchid. This spicy, sensual mixture is accentuated with All Spice, Wildberries and Bulgarian Rose, finished up with heavier notes of Pine Needle, Oak and just a small hint of Vanilla.

Performance in Cold Process Soap: This fragrance accelerates trace in cold process soap. It will discolor to light brown or tan in your soap.

Vanilla Content: 1.8%

NOTE: This medium-flashpoint oil (162ºF) cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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Verified Purchase
by Ophelia
on 9/21/2015
by Jennifer
on 6/18/2015
Great scent but...
Holy separation bat man. I was expecting some acceleration because of the spice notes, so was ready for that (full water, lower temps, mix FO into oils before adding lye, no color or swirls), but just as I started to pour, it started looking like oatmeal. Man I hate that. Did my best to stick blend it in the log mold and squash down into the mold. Like Cedar and Saffron, a difficult FO to work with. I did one with Cybilla Rain at the same time, and while it accelerated, it didn't separate. We'll see how it sells to decide if it is worth buying again (Cedar and Saffron sells really well for me, so that one is - even though I hate working with it).

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jennifer! I'm glad you think our Pepperberry Fragrance Oil is a great scent! Though I'm sorry you had troubles working with it and it separated on you. In our tests and recipes we didn't experience any separation with this fragrance. Learn more about separation and other cold process soaping mishaps in our Soap Behaving Badly blog post.

Verified Purchase
by Eleodia
on 4/12/2015
In love!
I adore this oil. My family (I'm outnumbered with 4 boys) love it so much I had to make a room diffuser with it. It's popular with my customers too, I made a 5 lb loaf and I sold out at the pre-sale I hold before me craft season opens up. My only complaint was from a few of the guys who wanted me to make it in a "less pink" bar:) You can't go wrong with this one.
Verified Purchase
by Christine
on 11/26/2014
Spicy Goodness
Wow, what an interesting, fabulous scent! Very complex! I was prepared for a fast trace based on what Brambleberry said on this fragrance oil. I soaped (lye water and oils) at about 97 degrees F, used the stick blender to do a few short bursts when I mixed the lye water and oils and then hand stirred the FO in the mixture. Worked GREAT!! I had plenty of time to mix the FO in good and pour in my mold before it started getting thicker. Sprinkled some cranberry seeds and poppy seeds on top.
Verified Purchase
by Janey
on 5/6/2014
Love this one!
I used this scent in my CP garden bar, and it sold out at one market. I love the peppery notes. Unisex scent. I didn't notice a lot of acceleration, was able to swirl 3 colors and add beach sand. Used a slab mold, did have heavy texture, as the batter was thick, but I did play.
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