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Holy crazy exploding soap

The smell out of the bottle is not particularly pikake or Jasmine floral - it's more fake. In CP soap, it really warms up and the jasmine comes to the fore. That said, simple cold process @ 125, with no waxes or additives accelerated like a Indy sprint car and then blew up and out of the mold 10 minutes later. In 15 years of soaping, I've never seen this, so it was surprising and funny, but the soap is super ugly now. Maybe a rebatch, or maybe it'll cut out nice enough. Lovely scent - tricky chemistry :)

Holy Carp!

This fragrance oil is to die for. It smells great! That being said work FAST! SUPER FAST! A girlfriend and I decided to use it in cold process. I only took it to a light trace but within less than 10 minutes it was gloppy. We were trying to do a 2 color swirl so I would have preferred it to move a little less quickly.


I hate most florals. This actually smells like a real, sweet white flower. It's SO good. Smells very pikake OOB, but in soap it's so sweet and a little milder. DEFINITELY A KEEPER.


I love floral scents, but it's always hard to find something natural. This is awesome. I mixed with a little bit of English rose and smells like paradise without overpowering.

Solid white flower

The great white tropical flowers are so delicate that it is difficult to capture them. This is a decent Jasmine type scent. I blended this with some greens and soft woods and vanilla and wow. Quite true to nature but does better in blends.