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Smells amazing

I used this FO in lotion and shampoo base because other reviews said it does not stick in CP. Smells amazing. I love that it is sweet instead of tart/sour.


I'm not sure how to rate this product because I'm not sure if the product is what is causing the problem. I have used the cranberry chutney in CP goat milk soap twice now and both times the fragrance is not very strong and the soap is VERY hard. The first time I thought I had left the soap in the mold too long. This time only 24 hours and it is so hard that it breaks when trying to cut the bars from the mold. Could this product be what is causing such extreme hardening?

Great scent, sometimes it acts out in CP

I really enjoy this fragrance. It is a Fall classic, add a little spice and it smells like it is Christmas time. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, because it did act up a little bit in my last batch of CP soap. I made this and split into two batches, one for an embed and one just a typical swirl. In the embed it seems to be ok, but maybe a slight bit of separation. In the second mold the fragrance oil separated out. I did use a silicone mold, so it is possible it overheated. It did look like it went through a super gel phase, though only on the top quarter. It's been a day and the oils have not reabsorbed. My next step is to put it in front of a fan. Overall, the fragrance smells exactly as described. Time will tell if it sticks in CP!

Didn't stick in CP... not for me

It smells great out of the bottle but once in CP and cured for a couple weeks, it faded about 60%. There's a hint of sweet berry, like the berry Chapstick from the 80's but not really cranberry. Not for me. I will rebatch it into something else. Disappointed but I'm sure it's nice in lotions, bath bombs, etc.

Customer Favorite!

I adore this scent. I received it as a sample a couple of years ago, and I knew the second I smelled it that I found the cranberry scent I was searching for. It wasn't overly sweet and was slightly tart. It has a nostalgic quality. I used this FO in soap last fall/winter, and it sold out almost immediately. This year, I'll be sure to make more bars ahead of time. Customers loved it and scrambled to get the last bars last year. They love this scent as much as I do!