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Question please

Sorry - had to submit review in order to ask question... I haven't tried it yet. Before I order this color to use in the LC Ombre recipe, would you make suggestions so that I can avoid the gray color mishap of the previous reviewer? Or is there another similar color you could recommend? Thanks. (I will use a double boiler to heat color.)


sadly I had two issues with this product. One the lab color came in a plastic container (not glass as described in the tutorials). Microwaving it for the recommend 10 seconds left me a melted bottle with dark purple lab color all over my microwave. secondly what i was able to salvage turned my soap a unsightly pale brownish/blue grey. I used a high coconut oil recipe because I wanted to avoid the tint from olive oil but still did not get the lavender color in the above photo. I want a true purple to match my lavender essential oil.