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Just ok

I really wanted to like this scent. But I just can't get there. I can't put my finger on it, but there is just something about it that's rather sharp on the nose up front. It smells almost identical oob as it does in cp soap. I also tried combining it with Yuzu, hoping I would like it better, but I still don't care much for it.

Glad I took the chance

Out of bottle, this isn't what I was expecting, but that is definitely not a bad thing! This scent has so much going on - there's a warm, almost smoky base note, with a sweetness coming out over the top. As another comment mentioned, it's a scent that people are always intrigued by. I mixed it 2:1 with Orange Blossom, and I like it even better - the orange blossom's "brightness" tempered both the smoky Saffron note and the super-sweetness of the honey. Will definitely be buying this one again!

This Smells Amazing

OOB this smells so good! I can't wait to try it in Bath Bombs and Soap. I seriously cannot stop smelling it. I may even mix it with a touch of vanilla and see what it does. As soon as I smelled this it reminded of this pretty expensive perfume called Santal Carmin by Atelier, I guess its the Saffron? I thought there might be some Sandalwood in here too.. but either way love it!! Seriously gorgeous scent.

What can beat 'warm and sweet'?

OOB I get a warm sweet scent that I can't quite put a finger on...sort of like a warm honey biscuit...maybe it's only missing the yeast (which is a good thing :) for soap). I adore this scent! The top note for me is honey, with a heart note of vanilla--although I know there's none in here--the base note is a slow wave of warmth wafting up to support the light sweet scent. Can't wait for cure so I can use this soap! Anticipating body warmth to blow it off the charts! Will let y'all know :)

Love this one!

BB's description is spot on. I make hot process soap and found it easy to work with. The scent hasn't faded at all (it's been two months), and I like that it lingers on your skin after a shower. A beautiful, warm and sexy scent. Definitely one of my favorite BB fragrances.