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Ok now I have used

I have now used this as a shampoo, ahhh not so good. lots of sudsing going on. I tried this right off the block with no added color or scent. I dont use a razor often so as a shaving bar this would be wasted on me, but if it leaves the skin feeling moist and smooth for shaving then it should be a great all around bath and body bar. Just not for the hair.

Awesome Shave Soap!

I was really excited to get this soap! Makes an excellent "shave" soap, I just added Bentonite clay and Rain Fragrance oil to give the bar a fresh scent and my husband went nuts! He said it gave him a very slick shave!! Also lathered very nicely too, I have had many ladies buy this from me also and they just love this also...Keep up the great work Bramble Berry!! Please do not stop selling this soap base it is great!!

Fast Shipping!

Love this base! Very excited to try my hand at shave bars. Not sure what was different for me, but shipping was quick amd greatly appreciated!


I use this shaving soap myself and love it! My customers on the other hand are smart enough to read the ingredient! Anyone in the wet shaving community knows that anything melt and pour is not up to par! By any standards this base is absolutely the best! But I unfortunately will need to upgrade just to make my customers happy! Other than that.....this is the best shaving soap base available.....although I have been accused of using the "OTHER" brand, which I am sure Bramble-berry buys from! On another note.....please pick up your shipping time! Its getting a bit ridiculous!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi James! I'm so glad you love our Shaving Melt and Pour Base!  We love it too!  This base has a great lather and is perfect for all sorts of projects, including shaving soap as demonstrated in the Movember Mustache Melt and Pour tutorial.  I will email you personally to discuss this further!

Never going back to cream

I had never used a bar soap for shaving before. Thought I would just give this a try. LOVE it!! I will never go back to shaving cream again. All my customers love it as we'll.