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Shea Body Butter Base

Bought this a while ago and forgot I had it! Mixed it up with several different scents for Christmas gifts! Everyone loved it ! Lavender Grapefruit was the favorite!!! Will reorder for sure!!! :)

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I'm thrilled with this base. My face is sensitive to just about everything, and I was a little hesitant to try this on my face with the additional elements that allow customizing. But I have to say, straight from the jar I experienced absolutely no redness or itching, just lovely soft skin. My kids love it too, they think it smells like blueberries and who am I to argue? I am definitely getting the bigger jar next time, so worth it!

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Love This

This is so easy to use and absorbs quickly into my skin. I've tried it with several different scents and they've all turned out wonderful. I'd like to try and color this, but am not sure what kind of pigments I should use.... also will this base go bad?

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Love the base...unscented.

Tried this out, was absolutely amazing on its own, however the batch that I fragranced turned horribly rancid. One was with oatmeal, Milk & Honey, that one smelled rotten after a day, then another batch with lavender vanilla went bad after about 2 weeks. I also did some with the sweetened cranberry fo, and that one seems to be doing just fine.

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Even though I am a longtime and faithful BB customer, as I rule I just do not leave reviews, however, I just spent the day working with this product for the very first time. I have been wanting to make some really luxurious butters and scrubs, but have not been happy with the many DIY recipes I have tried over the last few months. When I saw that BB has this Shea Butter Base, I knew I just had to give it a try!!! This product is very easy to work with. Wanting to make several different projects with the one bucketful that I ordered, the first thing I made was a very luxurious, yet very rustic Oatmeal Body Polish in Pumpkin Spice Latte (BB's Turkish Mocha and Pumpkin Spice FO's) After I did the whole melting and fragrancing thing, I let it cool and added very finely ground oatmeal, sugar and BB's Walnut Powder...OMGOSH!!! It is to die for!!! Special tip...use a stick blender to whip it all up...It really improves the texture and consistency and blends this together really well!!!