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My Favorite White base

I have tried many m&p's over the years and this my "go to". I make a signature shower and shave soap that starts with this base. It takes additives and fragrance well. I also find I don't get that filmy feeling with this base that occurs with other m&p. I like to buy 10 lbs out at a time but as my hobby business has picked up, I need to order bigger quantities and I love that BB can accommodate various order sizes.

Waste of Money

I hate to given such a low rating, but I bought 5 lbs. of Shea Melt & Pour and found it to be nothing but a HUGE mess and total WASTE of $$$$!! It began to harden at the same time it was melting in the bowl before I could even get it in the molds. Ended up with noting but lumpy soap. Yuk!! Please don't tell me this is a natural characteristic of melt and pour soap because I know better. I use melt and pour all the time and have never had such a mess on my hands. I am extremely disappointed. Maybe there's a trick to melting shea soap I don't know about? If so, there should be a special instructions included. Meantime, no more purchases from me until someone addresses this issue.


I love the way this base blends with colorants and scents. It lathers very well and leaves the skin nice and soft.

Happy with the result - made small soaps

Very good. Will try to get the 10 Lbs. Was super for bespoke soaps for party favors. Dries quick enough and it was easy to manage.

Good Stuff!

I usually stick with SFIC Honey Base but wanted to add a little something to combat "that" winter skin we get living in the upper Midwest. Wow is this ever nice! Really nice lather, takes scent perfectly and it's fun to use with the Honey base for swirling. Best of all-super soft skin!