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Great wax melt mold!

This mold held 3 oz of scented waxes which worked out perfectly for a 6 oz batch giving me two evenly filled packages. I had no trouble with the lids.

These do NOT hold 3.8oz

These do NOT hold 3.8oz. Don't make the same mistake I did... I paid to have labels designed and printed saying 3.8oz & that is all money down the drain since they don't hold that much. At the very very max, you can get 3.45oz in these. I now have to pay AGAIN to have new labels created and printed. Very annoying! The clamshells themselves are nice, though. They work perfectly for wax tarts or small soap cubes.

Great for making samples!

I got these to use for samples! They are the perfect size for a sample big enough for 1 or 2 washes! This way I can try out a recipe and my customers can try a scent. Win win! I've had no issues with them leaking so far, the lids ARE tight but I think that's a good thing!

Pam W
I Like Them!

I like these molds, but I would recommend not closing them until the wax has solidified as they are a little tight to open and close. I haven't had trouble with them leaking, but as I haven't used a ton of them yet I will watch for that and pour them on a sheet pan. I will also make sure my wax isn't too hot, just in case. They do hold a lot more if you "overfill" the cavities with wax (see the photo above). Then you just break the wax cubes apart easily when you go to use them.

wish they were more functional

I really wanted to like these molds. They seem like such a great idea and I loved the idea of having break away melts like the big boys :) but some huge cons for this product - the product number or whatever on the front is not pretty but you can cover it up with a product sticker, I did have 1 leak all over the table so that one was ruined and I had to clean the other molds around it, and the biggest of all: I can't get them open!! I had to redo a batch of 6 and it took me 20 minutes to get them open while trying not to ruin the package :( almost impossible...I'd love to see a new type of wax melt mold/package here because I do love Brambleberry!