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Loved the smell

I bought this in a 1 oz kit with different oils. This smelled great. I used the 1 oz per pound 2 weeks ago and there is hardly any scent left. So disappointed because I was so in love with the scent. I won't be buying anymore of this FO. I'm not sure if my bottle was bad or what because it smelt so nice. So I don't know. Anyone else have this problem?

Love it!

Being a serious Patchouli junkie this blows me away! Soft, but deeply sensual. Very pleased with this one.


This fragrance reminds me of an Indian shop where I used to buy gifts -- they sold aromatic wooden boxes and burned beautiful incense. I love this fragrance and agree that it needs time to develop in soap. Sniff testers pick up this bar over and over; many eventually chose it. I had a lot of fun blending with it in soap, and my personal favorite is a blend with Ginger Patchouli. In lotion, I have used just a few drops, blended with other notes, and people seem to love it.


I smelled this in the bottle and it was "OK" as far as patchouli goes but I made a batch of body butter/shaving cream and UGH!!! All I could smell was smoke.... Nothing else. I ended up adding something else to it to salvage it but no. I'll never order this one again

Very Earthy If You're Looking For That

I got this as a sample and recently used it in M&P when someone asked me for patchouli. I frankly don't know what patchouli is or how it is supposed to smell. I've smelled a few different ones and they all seem to be different, so i don't know what is supposed to be authentic. But I liked this fragrance and so did the person I made it for so I'm going to give it a try with a CP batch. It does smell smokey but I don't think it smells like an ashtray at all, it doesn't smell that kind of "smoky". The reviews for the regular patchouli seem to be universally awful so I will stick with this for now.