Tools & Accessories - Find the tools and accessories that will make your soapmaking experience better and easier.

 Bramble Berry carries some of the finest pieces of soapmaking hardware and soap making equipment, including digital scales, lip balm pouring trays and spatulas. Each product has been carefully selected for quality, durability, features and value.

Tools & Accessories

.15 CC Scoop
.15 CC Scoop

Pigment Scoops- These tiny .15cc scoops are great for measuring pigments and FD&C's when you want to be very precise. They hold just .15cc's of material

13# Digital Scale With Adaptor
13# Digital Scale With Adaptor (AMW)

American Weigh 13 Pound Digital Scale - This scale is compact yet sturdy with an easy to clean stainless steel surface. The maximum capacity is 6 kg or

Blush Brush, 1 brush
Blush Brush, 1 brush

Blush Brush: This brush is made with real goat hair and is perfect for evenly applying rouge for that sophisticated and glowing look. The diameter of

Bramble Berry's Perfect Scale
Bramble Berry's Perfect Scale

Bramble Berry Exclusive 10 Pound Digital Scale - We've searched high and low for an easy to use and affordable scale - this is a great beginner scale.

Crinkle Cutter
Crinkle Cutter

Crinkle Cutter - Perfect for cutting your soaps - this cutter is sure to become a favorite in your household! It makes any bar of soap look decorative,

5 Pound Cutter For Wooden Soap Mold
Cutter For Wooden Soap Mold & 1 loaf cutter

Wooden Loaf Cutter Attachment: This sturdy soap cutter attachment allows you to slice your loaf soaps to any thickness you want with precision and easy

Double Boiler Maker
Double Boiler Maker, Double Boiler Maker

Double Boiler Maker- Turn any pot into a double boiler! Just set this handy little tripod in the bottom of a large pot and set a smaller pot down securely


Droppers With Suction Bulb
Droppers With Suction Bulb

Droppers- These plastic transfer pipettes are awesome for small amounts of fragrance oils, (fragrance droppers) or measuring out colorants. They are 3.5

Brush, Foundation
Foundation Brush, 1 brush

Foundation Brush: DIY mineral makeup is all the rage these days. Apply your handmade foundation

Pour Spout
Pour Spout, Pour Spout

Pour Spout- These durable pour spouts are great for our 8 and 16 oz. bottles. Now, you can pour your fragrance out without spilling down the side

Scraper/cutter, Soap Cutter

Soap Cutter- This 5 inch soap cutter is perfect for cutting soap or scraping it off the table! You won't want to be without this in your soaping room

Brush, Shaving
Shaving Brush, 1 brush

Shaving Brush: The old fashion shaving method is coming back! This brush lathers any shaving soap brilliantly and is gentle on the skin. Give the man
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