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Sodium Bicarbonate, commonly known as Baking Soda, has a laundry list of good uses under it's belt (including being an ingredient for homemade laundry soap!). Properties of Sodium Bicarbonate lend to natural odor control, gentle, non-scrubby exfoliate, and oil absorbing abilities. Great for deodorants, face masks and dry shampoos to name a few. It's alkaline nature produces the "fizz" in bath fizzies when mixed with Citric Acid.

Visit for fun bath fizzy recipes, tutorials and more!

Botanical Name:  Sodium Bicarbonate
Common Name:  Baking Soda

How to Make Bath Fizzies from Soap Queen on Vimeo.


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by Jared
on 11/30/2015
Let's not perpetuate the misnomer... :)
This is a fair price for baking soda. I'm happy to see this is not a sneaky rip-off for something we can also buy on sale at a grocery store. 4 Stars for offering a staple at an honest price. However: This is Sodium bicarbonate. That's sodium (Na) plus Bicarbonate (CHO3 [carbon, hydrogen and oxygen]) ... Notice there is no aluminum (Al) in that chemical equation. Baking SODA has always been NaCHO3. In scientific terms, baking SODA is a pure substance, like salt or water, meaning it is not a blend, having nothing mixed or added. Baking soda never has and never will contain aluminum anything. The confusion with baking soda and baking POWDER is only getting more confusing and misleading by labeling baking SODA as being aluminum-free. Similarly, we do not label cream of tartar nor corn starch as being aluminum-free simply because they are also white powders used in baking. We're worsening the confusion by the misnomer labeling.
Verified Purchase
by Stephanie M
on 3/1/2015
Best Baking Soda!
One of my favorite things about this sodium bicarbonate is that it is aluminum free. Besides aluminum not being good for you I actualy have an allergy to it so to find it in bulk at a good price is great. I am known for my bath bombs so this product is a must for me and after using it for a couple years now I always know I'll be coming back for more.
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