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Get all of the ingredients you need to make this Solid Bubble Bath.
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It took over a year of testing and formulating – but here it is. The perfect Solid Bubble Bath. Simple to make, easy to use, and oh so bubbly! Watch the video below for the full instructions and the exact recipe.

This kit includes:


This kit is a little different than our other kits in that you can remove or get extra of each item in your shopping cart (and the price will adjust accordingly) before you check out. So you can just get what you need. Also please note that there are no printed instructions included with this kit, learn how to make these perfect bath bomb fizzies on the Soap Queen Blog here.


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by Brandy
on 2/17/2015
I had been wanting to make these bubble bars for quite some time but held off after reading the reviews where they turned out too soft. Finally I decided what the heck and gave and it a try! I am pleased to say they turned out wonderful! I did decide to not use the green coloring, instead I made half the mix blue and left the other half white. After doing it this way I think that the color could be part of the problem why for some the mix is turning out to soft. I noticed my blue mix was in fact quite a bit softer than the half I left alone and just kept white. I think had I colored both parts that my mix would've also been to soft to hold its shape. I think in the future maybe reducing the liquid colorant by at least half would really help or using a powdered colorant like mica in place of the liquid would also prevent the mix from being to soft. All in all I'm very pleased with how my Bubble bars turned out and plan to make more from this recipe in the future! Thank You Bramble Berry
by Elizabeth
on 12/27/2014
Issues with the cold??
Can't figure out why my bars won't set. But like other reviews I've read on this recipe before I tried it, the "dough" is super soft and difficult to mold. However, unfortunately for me, after ten days it's still soft. I'm not sure if it's because it's winter in my part of the country right now. Maybe the cold won't let the dough set. I'm at a loss. I followed the recipe to the letter - and carefully weighed and measured the ingredients. But it won't set. I'm disappointed. I even thought of putting the bars in the oven, but I didn't. I might try the recipe again in the spring, when the weather is warmer, in case the cold weather affected the bars and caused them not to set. :-/

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Elizabeth! I'm sorry this recipe was giving you some trouble. Those bars can be a little wetter based on the temperature and humidity of the area you live in. To dry them out, you can warm up your oven to 200F and turn it off. Then, put these in the turned off oven for 10 minutes and take them out. You can also decrease the liquids in this recipe slightly to dry them out. I'll be emailing you personally to help out!

by Rhonda
on 7/21/2014
Great Great Great
If you follow this recipe to the letter, you won't have any mishaps. I have made it 9 times and 9 times, I had perfect results. I love it and will continue to use it, step by step. Thank you Anne-Marie and the Brambleberry staff for figuring it out and making it easy for us.
by Tammy
on 5/4/2014
I'm rating this a four because my recipe was very soft so it wouldn't hold the shape. But... Once it dried and we tested it, the bubbles were fabulous!! Would adding a bit more baking soda firm up my log?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Tammy! We have found that this recipe takes about 3 days to harden, but could take up to a week. I'm glad the bubbles were great! I will be emailing you personally to help you troubleshoot :)

by Barb
on 4/17/2014
Two different recipes
Well, the ingredients that is in the kit and the recipe that Ann-Marie does on the video are not the same! The one she does is for a much smaller batch and I wish I had of noticed that to start with. But I mixed up the above ingredients and was SURPRISE to have a very soft dough, nothing like the video, which had more consistency. So my jelly roll, is twice a long as the video and won't hold its shape. :( Not placing the total blame on Brambleberry, would of thought though when you show a video of one thing and sell a kit for another recipe you would of said something in the video!!! I ended up putting 12 of my blobs in a small rectangular mold, so we shall see if they will harden up. Jury is still out on this one. 10 days after I made the Solid BubbleBath I can honestly say that the two people that tried them Loved them!!! The difference, instead of crumbling in your hand and then under water, you need to hold the bar in your hands and rub back and forth under the water.
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