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Maybe this is cherry cough syrup?

When I first opened my jar to test this scent I was very confused. It smells exactly like cherry cough syrup. No hint of apple, or spice. I asked my husband to identify the smell without telling him what it was and he immediately said cherry cough syrup. Maybe I got a mix up? Maybe something happened to this particular batch? No idea. But in no way does this smell anything like apple cider.

Ricing and seperation

This fragrance smells wonderful and seems to hold in CP soap, however in the five times I've used it, it always causes the soap to separate. I have tried using it multiple times, but the soap always turns into a gloopy (overworked) mess. The fragrance is worth it, but do not use this fragrance if you attempting to swirl etc.

Great fall scent

I never sampled the old formula, so I can't compare the new to the old, but I found it to be a great scent. Mixed with Cinnamon Sugar and it reminds me of apple pie or other spiced apple desserts. This is another one I've had trouble with ricing and separating. Since it behaved the same as Applejack for me, I suspect it's something that gives the apple scent. I haven't had any issues with it fading, but we'll see for sure after the rebatch.

At a loss....

I hopped back on the website to remember the aroma notes so I could start developing the copy for the listing and make the soap. I was thrown by seeing the formulation had changed. When I bought it must have been in the transtiiong -you gave me the new forumaltion but you had not updated the website with this info that is upsetting!!- I have verifed this now. The little I have in my old bottle is the old. The new bottle is the new. Okay - I will work with it but I have to say I'm terribly disappointed that after all the comments you have received thus far you have failed to remove the name "spice" in the title of the fragrance when you have iterated over and over that there is no spice. This is *not the same* and for good reason of safety you explain that. Of course I can change the name myself but I'm troubled you just keep saying it over and over in responses and not just fixed the copy of this listing!!


This fragrance has changed as noted, more apple, less spice, but unfortunately it faded to nothing in hot processed soap. Temps were around 160f ( or below) when fragrance was added to the soap and after several day on the curing rack the scent has vanished. Hmmm. Perhaps it would work in a soap that wasn't gelled or heated in anyway? Anyways, I have 16 pounds of beautifully colored soap that has zero fragrance. So heads up, test before you buy a large bottle!