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  • Titanium Dioxide Pigment

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Titanium Dioxide: "Angel White" natural pigment that is both oil and water soluble.When used in Cold Process add to your base oils and mix well prior to adding the lye water solution. Also perfect for lip stick and mineral makeup. While this is a non-bleeding colorant, if you add too much to your soap it can migrate into other colors in the soap design or stain washcloths. We recommend starting out at 1/16th to 1/8th teaspoon per pound for melt & pour soaps. For cold process, add 1 teaspoon of oxide to 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Olive Oil and mix well using a mini mixer.  For more information on oxides in soap, check out this blog post.

Safe for use in lip balm and eye shadows 

To create the color in the sample of cold process soap above, we used 3 teaspoons of colorant in 1 pound of soap.

INCI: Titanium Dioxide

Note: 1 oz. is about 7 teaspoons


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by Mandolyn
on 10/1/2014
Worked wonderfully
This did not bleed, and kept my soaps whiter. Dissolved perfectly in Sweet Almond Oil. Really, there are no complaints at all with this product.
by Colleen
on 9/25/2014
Titanium Dioxide
I'm not sure if I used this correctly or not. I mixed it with olive oil propr to adding to my CP soap. It never turned white. In previous reviews I just read many have mixed with distiller water. Please advise the amount of TD and distilled water.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Colleen! If your soap has a high amount of olive oil, it will not turn completely white because of the natural yellow tint of the olive oil. You can use whiter oils in your recipe, like coconut oil and palm oil. Also, you can use up to 1 tsp. of this color in 1 tbsp. of carrier oil per 32 oz. of soap. I'll be emailing you personally to troubleshoot!

by Liz
on 9/24/2014
Buy This! Its the best!
I've purchased titanium dioxide from several sources. This is much easier to use, is less sticky, disperses faster and in general is far less of a pain to use than all the other TiO2 I've purchased. I've never had a problem mixing this with oil and getting a smooth result with very few clumps to filter. That is in stark contrast to the other titanium dioxides I have used. This review is being written now as I have just finished working with another company's TiO2. I have a mess in 3 containers and 2 filters, and it took a half an hour to get a nice TiO2 to use. Never again.
by Karen Patrick
on 9/3/2014
Yep....Angel Heavenly white
I had no trouble with this product. I used distilled water and whipped it with a regular fork. No special tools. I wanted pastels but only had neon. I mixed it with the fired up fuschia mica and the apple green lab color. I got baby pink and avey soft mint green. Oh yeah, the soap was a very pretty white.
by Diane
on 5/19/2014
My secret mix
After about a year of mixing titanium dioxide with my base oils and still getting lumps no matter how well I would mix. By accident I used distilled water, WOW, never another white speck in my CP soap. If any one has had this problem please try this. I have been reading these reviews of frustration. Use the water....No Lumps NO Bumps. Also if you are still having problems ...( I saw this on youtube) I will mix with water and warm up in microwave for 10 sec makes for beautiful white CP soap.
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