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Great Blend Suggestion

Thought this fragrance was amazing by itself (big seller) BUT when mixed with Crisp Cotton, it's out of this world - all the fragrances emanate from my M&P.

Awesome!! Looking for a man's scent it's this!

I love this scent and so does my husband and my sons! It is definitely going to the spring Framers Market with me! This is such an amazing scent for men and should sell out for Father's Day! Thanks Brambleberry I have been looking for scents for men and this one is a keeper!

Freaking Amazing

This has been the "guy scent" I have been looking for. I think you know instantly when a scent is a keeper or not, and with this stuff, I felt like throwing a party the first time I smelled it. On top of that, there are no performance issues at all. Its just beautiful all around.

The baby maker

O.M.G!!!!! I soaped with this for the first time, and yes!!!!! This is sooooo sexy. If I smelt this on a man, well they would be some serious babymaking !!!!

Don't Hate It, Don't Love It

As the title says, I'm ambivalent about this scent. I used it in an HP shaving soap. The scent is pleasant enough, but my hesitation is that it smells more artificial than I would prefer. I could imagine this scent being released as a new "flavor" of Zest or Old Spice, for instance. (Though to be fair, not as fake as, say, Axe.) Again, this IS a pleasant scent - woody, spicy, and masculine - and I will use it happily and give it as gifts. It's just not quite as luscious and natural-seeming as I would prefer. So if your only goal is to make good-smelling soap, give this a try. But if you're looking for FOs that mimic natural scents, this one misses that mark. Editing my review to add another star. After shaving with this soap for several days, the scent is really growing on me. Although it does still strike me as a bit artificial, it's just so flat-out GOOD that it deserves another star.