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Vanilla Color Stabilizer: For melt and pour soap only, this product will keep your soap a nice white or ivory color. Use it with any brown coloring fragrance and you will be thrilled by the results! For best results use at a 1:1 ratio (this means equal parts Vanilla Color Stabilizer to Fragrance Oil). This additive keeps the soap from browning while allowing the original scent (whatever you're trying to use - Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch etc...) to shine through.

As of 2012, this additive should no longer have a strong smell out of the bottle and still works just as well as before. 

NOTE: This product works marginally well in CP soap for 4 to 9 months before the fragrance eventually goes brown and is not intended for use with lotions or other toiletry products.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +


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Verified Purchase
by Wendy
on 11/12/2015
Why not CP?
Is there a chemical reason I shouldn't use this in CP? I bought this a long time ago but recently used it in a couple of different CP batches. Colorwise, it does what it is billed to do. Stop discoloration. The soap is a bit "softer" when I add this ingredient but not really worthy of mention. Is there a chemical reason that I shouldn't use Vanilla Stabilizer in CP?
Verified Purchase
by Elise
on 11/5/2015
Love it...but I do have a question...?
I absolutely love this Vanilla just like to know...does it need to be refrigerated? Or is a cool dark room (my studio) a good spot? Thanks so much :)
Verified Purchase
by Meghan Kelsey
on 4/11/2015
Great product
This really does work to keep white soap white. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Verified Purchase
by Ceme
on 10/17/2014
Really, this works
I had an order for a French Vanilla and pure Vanilla rose soaps (no coloring, goats milk). I hadn't heard about Vanilla Stabilizer yet. I made the soaps, OMG I panicked. I didn't know what to do. I called a baker friend of mine and she said to try Clear Vanilla Food Extract. I was desparate and ran to the store, got the bottle ($12). Made the soap, it lost most of its fragrance. I called a soaper I meant at a farmers stand. She said, come over and get my Vanilla Stabilizer and start over. I ran to her house. This stuff is amazing! The French Vanilla turned creamy (like the French Vanilla ice cream), the Vanilla stayed white, relief! I will keep this in stock. I was recently told my Gardenia fragrance oil turned brown over time. I will try this in that to see if it stays white (finger's crossed). Use as suggested, 1:1 ratio of fragrance/stablizer.
Verified Purchase
by Stephanie
on 8/10/2014
Love this product!
I have been using vanilla stabilizer in almost all my bath and body products that could discolor and it works great. I add exactly recommended amount. 1:1 ratio. This is definitely worth it to me to add for discoloration. Works perfect!
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