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Vanilla, Non-Discoloring : After much searching, we proudly offer this Non-Discoloring Vanilla as an alternative to Vanillas that turn to brown or black. Whether you need just a sweet note in a blend, or want to make a white bar of Vanilla soap, this is the fragrance for you. While not as rich, buttery or realistic smelling as our other Vanillas (Vanilla Select) this Vanilla will do the trick when you need a non-discoloring Vanilla. Note: This fragrance can be tricky in some cold process soap recipes. It may accelerate trace and/or rice so soap carefully.

This fragrance contains phthalates.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Jaime
on 8/27/2014
SO confused!! Help!!
Hello! I'm an avid and happily frequent BB customer, and I bought this F.O a while back for a creamsicle type bath bomb. I'm a bit confused, reason being, by using this, it turned my mix into a living thing! Seriously! It's moving as I type! I'd like to trouble shoot this, because I REALLY don't understand why this happened, and I have a bunch of mix wasted. Is there a stabilizer built into the fragrance to keep it from browning? I'm just stumped...bomb's are my business, and this is something I've never seen. I'm asking you guys because after deducing the factors in my now very well known tried and true process, this is the only variable that stands out....I'm sorry for the average rating, but I honestly didn't know WHAT to rate this! In closing, I WOULD like to say that I come to BB for most of my toiletry making ingredients, and I love you guys and every other thing I've purchased. This? PLEASE help a sister out, I've got a deadline...:) HELP!!! :/
by Gina
on 7/22/2014
It's Okay, Moves Like Lightning
I had high hopes for this, and it mostly delivers. As BB's description says, it adds a sweet note in blends, and I think this is its best use. I have blended with Southern Peach and Chai Tea, and it sweetens them up nicely. However, it moves like lightning, and you will have mashed potatoes very quickly. Do not plan to do anything except get it into the mold after adding the fragrance. That said, you can do some nice layering if you add the fragrance to your soap directly before pouring. The FO smells really chemical-y in the bottle, and I wouldn't use it by itself in any product. The chemical smell mellows out in blends during cure, and I think this is the only way it should be used. It isn't buttery or rich, mostly sweet, and it is okay as long as you understand this. And that it moves at light speed. :). Considering it doesn't discolor, I guess I can put up with that.
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