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  • Vanilla Select Fragrance Oil

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Vanilla Select: This is the sweetest, most rich vanilla that we carry. An absolute must for your soaping pleasure. It discolors to a creamy dark tan. In liquid soap, this fragrance oil goes dark brown but stays clear.

Vanilla Content: 10-15%

This fragrance contains phthalates.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Heidi
on 1/30/2015
Amazing! The ONLY good vanilla!
I've tried many, many vanillas. Maybe 5 or 6 different ones. (though none of those was from here) As a whole, they are awefull. Just nasty smelling. This one smells like authentic Mexican vanilla. Mellow, a bit sweet, SO GOOD!!!!
on 1/14/2015
Perfect true vanilla scent!
I used this fragrance in my cp Christmas soaps. I used it by itself and called it "Vanilla Soap". People loved it! I didn't mess with colors as it discolors anyway to a lovely dark brown. I'm not a vanilla type person but even I liked this scent.
by Bethany
on 1/7/2015
Whipped grapefruit vanilla body butter
This smells so great mixed with my grapefruit scent. It is a little too sweet but when its all mixed in with the mango butter it really evens it out and the scent lasts for a few hours and its not an overwhelming scent either. Its really sweet out of the bottle but it reminds me of a nice butter cream frosting!
by Ceme
on 10/14/2014
Smells amazing
I used this vanilla fragrance with the vanilla stablizer in a goats milk melt & pure base, finishing in the Kudos Rose Heart mold. Beautiful!! Fragrance held up. Since the customer loved it, she's ordered more in different colors: soft beige, copper, peach, sienna.
by Delinda
on 8/12/2014
Not what I expected.
This vanilla FO discolored to a lovely dark chocolate color, and soaped really well. Unfortunately I was hoping for a Vanilla scent. This certainly isn't it. I carefully read every review before purchasing because I wanted a great vanilla fo for my holiday line. I've soaped it and waited for it to morph into a nice vanilla... and it just hasn't happened. This smells nothing like vanilla. We all smelled it and came up with the same thought independently, that it smells and looks exactly like dark chocolate. If you've ever smelled unrefined cocoa butter it smells exactly like that. NO idea where all these good reviews are coming from, and no idea why they call it vanilla. Disappointing. Really the only fo from BB that I've ever been truly disappointed in.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Dee! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. We've found it's a true vanilla scent. I'll be emailing you personally to troubleshoot!

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