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  • Walnut Shells

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Walnut Shells: This is the latest and greatest exfoliant on the market. These finely ground walnut shells make a super gentle exfoliant- perfect for your facial soaps and scrubs.

Botanical Name:
 Juglans Regia Shell
Common Name:  Walnut Shell 


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Verified Purchase
by Michel
on 10/28/2015
Nice effect but watch with CP
I bought this exfoliant to add to my cold process soap. The oil/lye mixture became very thick and I couldn't pour it into the mold anymore, I had to scrape it into the mold. I really like this product as I used it before in M&P projects, but it did't work with my CP project.
Verified Purchase
by Brandi
on 8/3/2015
Love it!
I used the walnut shells with the honey base M&P, the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey fragrance oil and colloidal oatmeal- what a beautiful bar all around. smells amazing, lathers nicely and offers a nice exfoliation.
Verified Purchase
by Stephanie M
on 3/15/2015
I used this to make the rose clay mask and scrub that was posted on Soap Queen. I love the way it feels- not to gritty and rough but still enough to get a good exfoliation. I try to use as much natural ingredients as possible in my beauty products so I'm glad this is available. I'm planning on making a scrubby CP soap and will be using this in that as well.
Verified Purchase
by Joshua
on 1/10/2015
Love it
I've done crushed grape seed, shredded loofa and cranberry seeds, and now I am using crushed walnut shell. I really love the feel.
Verified Purchase
by Carrie
on 12/27/2014
Gentle effective exfoliation
I love this in my gardener and mechanic hand scrubs and soaps. It's an effective exfoliant without scrubbing the skin raw (can anyone say whole loofah slices for the first few uses?!) I clearly label - in large letters - that the soap / scrub contains walnuts shells. I do this so that those allergic or sensitive to tree nuts are warned. I've seen this in soap casually mentioned as a natural ingredient used but with no warning about potential allergy. I go the extra mile covering my bootie - I mean in my labeling :-) I know people need to use their God given sense but how can they without knowing the ingredients? Plus they sue now-a-days for slipping on your soap in THEIR bathroom. So, yes, I also state that the soap and their bathtub/shower may be slippery when wet...... I might add too that I think on it .... Ok enough rambling.....
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