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Wassail: A member on the Teachsoap Forum requested a Wassail fragrance for the holiday season. Intrigued, we investigated. While we are disappointed that we've never attended a holiday party that serves this hot, spiced punch, the fragrance does whet our appetite accordingly. With notes of Tangerine, Juicy Apple, & Orange Zest mixing with Spiced Punch (Fresh Ginger, Cinnamon Stick, Nutmeg and Clove Bud) and a touch of sweetness with some Vanilla Musk, this fragrance makes our taste buds water. Because of the Vanilla, it does discolor and the fragrance does amazing in CP soap.

Vanilla Content: 4.4%

Flashpoint: 200ºF+

Please note: This fragrance will be discontinued due to slow sales once our supply runs out. This fragrance will be available for special order in minimum sizes of 10 lbs.

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by Haven
on 1/22/2014
Smells more like bubblegum to me
I purchased this fragrance after reading several posts about how wonderful it was and smelling it first hand at a craft show and thought it smelled great! I soaped it in cp and, to me, it smells just like bubblegum. I do not get any spicy notes at all in it. It did not accelerate trace and I was able to do a 3 color in the pot swirl and 3 days later, the batch is still too soft to unmold. I am going to give it a good cure and re-evaluate. Seems to stick well as I can smell it just walking up to the mold sitting on my kitchen counter.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Haven, if this fragrance was not your favorite and are looking for something spicier, I would recommend the Arabian Spice Fragrance Oil, Spiced Cider Fragrance Oil,or the Christmas Spice Fragrance Oil.

by Gina
on 11/3/2013
Smells Wonderful but Seriously Accelerates
Wow, this smell is gorgeous and is a dead ringer for wassail - perfect replication. I saw some of the other reviews and prepared for this to trace quickly, but holy cow, I barely got my stick blender out in time! I cp'd with lots of olive oil at about 90 degrees, and it still went fast. So do not plan to do ANYTHING except get your soap in the mold after you add this fragrance! It smells so good, though, that it's worth it. I did a swirl on top with a little unfragranced soap that I separated out early, and it's perfect - I want my kitchen to smell like this all winter!
by Diane
on 10/10/2013
A lot of Citrus
This fragrance is beautiful, it has a lot of citrus on the top and as you work your way down you get to the spices. I think it would even be a good all year fragrance. I added lemon powder and orange peel. I love this. I did get a lot of acceleration in this recipe. Next time I will have to change my recipe to include more olive or rice bran. I need to order more before the minimum order requirement. Up date: I used this in the bath last night...WOW The whole bathroom and into the bedroom smelled like Wassail...You know this fragrance is great when you can also smell it on your skin. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't believe that this fragrance has slow sales????
by Talia
on 9/30/2013
Smells beautiful, but work fast!
I absolutely love this FO, it smells so delicious! The first few times I used it I was making hot process soap, so I never noticed any issues with acceleration. But just now I tried to cold process it and oh dear! I only stick blended my soap for a single 30 second-ish burst when it started misbehaving on me and I had no choice but to hot process it. Next time I'll be very careful with the stick blending and I'll be sure to my whisk nearby. I'm kind of bummed I didn't get to do an ITP swirl as I had originally planned. Better luck next time, I guess.
by Timmi
on 7/29/2013
Beautifully Different
I am so in love with this scent! I actually make wassail every year and this is a pretty close match to it. It's kind of hard to describe in words exactuly what this smells like but, if someone smells it they love it! I also love how holiday friendly it is without being minty.
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