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  • Wildflower Honey Fragrance Oil

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Wildflower Honey Fragrance Oil: Inspired by the popular L’Occitane Honey & Propolis scent, this true and subtle honey fragrance has a beautifully sweet aroma that holds up well in cold process soap. The honey and floral tones in this fragrance are well encompassed by a warm and exotic bottom note. This comforting scent is great for the holidays. Use it for a honey latte or tea themed project!

Performance In Cold Process: This fragrance does not accelerate but does discolor to a light brown in cold process soap making.

Flashpoint: 200ºF+

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Verified Purchase
by Cherie
on 10/25/2015
Floral smell
For me this smelled more floral than honey scented. I used it with melt and pour. I still gave it a full 5 stars because I still enjoyed the scent and it is true to the description. Others have described it as smelling just like honey. I'm thinking it may depend on how sensitive you are to floral scents. I normally do not like anything floral, but I did love this. My husband however had no interest in using this one.
Verified Purchase
by Jessica
on 10/22/2015
Heaven... Sticky Delicious Heaven
When I opened the bottle and stuck my nose in it, I was seriously impressed. It's rich and sweet and I just had to sit on the corner of the bed sniffing it for a while because I couldn't quite bring myself to put the bottle down. I then made a BIG batch of Cold Process milk soap with this scent at about 5% of fragrance to oil. It is potent, I walk in the house and I can smell it across the room, but the smell, while VERY sweet, is not cloying to me. My husband disagrees - for him, it is too sweet and too powerful, and he doesn't ever want to shower with it because he's afraid it will leave him sticky. That may be a testament to how accurately Brambleberry delivered the "Honey" scent, or it may be an indicator that this one's not for the guys. Either way, I'm in love. I am tempted to keep it forever and ever and maybe tuck a bar of soap into my underwear drawer... it's that good.
Verified Purchase
by Beth Sage Owens
on 9/29/2015
Strong, Sweet, True!
I really have to rave about this. Behaves beautifully in my CP soap, the fragrance just gets better (and stronger) in the curing. This is a WOW soap fragrance! Very true to a honey smell with a real sweet edge; just lovely, and wonderful in lotion as well. I'll be a repeat customer on this one for sure!
Verified Purchase
by Lynetta
on 6/13/2015
Smells just like honey!
I received a sample of this and just soaped it in a CP soap batch. I added a bit of raw honey to the soap at trace along with the fragrance oil and honestly, both the raw honey and the FO smelled exactly alike! I just purchased a bottle of this FO and anticipate once my customers get a whiff of this I will be back for an even larger bottle.
Verified Purchase
by Cid
on 5/12/2015
Unbelievably long lasting
I have castile CP soap with Wildflower Honey that is over a year old and still smells great. In fact, it smells better than 6 months ago. The scent is just like others have described. On a whim, I made a blend with a touch of dark patchouli EO and folded orange EO. During cure, the patchouli calmed down and faded to the background. The end result was beautiful and very popular.
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