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  • Winter Gardenia Fragrance Oil

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Winter Gardenia Fragrance Oil: In this fragrance, top notes of hyacinth and lily are perfectly matched with sweet floral notes of gardenia and jasmine. The base notes of lilac and peppermint make this a great fragrance for the holidays. Try it in a moisturizing body lotion, exfoliating scrub, or luxurious soap.  It gives all your projects a refreshing floral scent!

Performance In Cold Process Soap: This fragrance does not accelerate but does discolor to a light tan in cold process soap.

Flashpoint: This medium-flashpoint oil (184ºF) will ship cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Rebbecca
on 12/19/2014
wonderful freebie!
Got this as a freebie with my last order and it is amazing. I'm not big on florals, either, so I was hesitant to try it using my very limited melt & pour stash. Wow, so glad I did. Some folks mention the "minty" note, and it is true (and I'm ususally not big on minty). But in combination with the soft floral of gardenia scent (and gardenia is normally so overpowering) I produced some beautiful angel wings soaps. This fragrance is crisp, clean, like a breath of fresh air & snow for your nose!
by Mayra
on 12/17/2014
I, too, received this fragrance as a sample with a recent order. I love gardenia, but wasn't TOO excited about the scent oob because it smelled a little "medicine-y strong". Then I used a bit of it in a body scrub and in a body oil for a friend and I almost didn't give her her present! It blended so well, and the gardenia scent was absolutely perfect; gentle yet you know it is present. The rest of the notes in the scent blended perfectly with the oils and the scent really lasts all day! Since it was a sample, my girls have forbidden me to make soap with it, but instead to keep making body oils and body scrubs for them with it until I order a larger bottle! Needless to say, I will DEFINITELY be ordering this! Thank you for the sample!
by Stephanie
on 12/17/2014
This scent was not my absolute favorite OOB, but I mixed it 1/2 and 1/2 with BB's Lilac fragrance oil......amazing! This will be a staple in my soap closet!
by Carrie
on 12/15/2014
Pleasantly Surprised
Like a few of the other reviewers, I received this FO as a sample in a recent order. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it was a floral scent, since I'm not really a big fan of floral scents. I figured it couldn't hurt to check it out though and I'm glad I didn't just dismiss it. This scent is lovely! Very light and cool, like walking past a garden on a crisp winter day. Never thought I say this about a floral scent, but I'll be ordering this one soon. Wish I had known about it before I did my Christmas products! Give it a try!
by Leila
on 12/10/2014
Holy crow!
I'm sure I might be beating a dead horse, with the previous comments to mine, but I just HAD to review this oil. I got it in my recent order as my sample. When I saw "gardenia" I was instantly off put and didn't want any thing to do with it. I love floral, don't get me wrong, but there is something about jasmine that puts my you know what, in a bunch! After making all of my holiday body butters, I wasn't to thrilled with some of my choices and decided to give this Winter Gardenia a go. To my surprise, it had a HINT of floral, enough to make me feel like I smelled a flower in passing, not too strong. But then it was like a one two punch, bam, peppermint! Again, not overpowering, just enough to let me know it was there. The two together made a wonder explosion in my nose! So yes, this oil is must. Don't let the "floral" or "Jasmin" description keep you from trying this little gem out! Enjoy!
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