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The Bramble Berry Business in a Box has everything you need to start your own handmade soapmaking business. With tons of resources on how to make soap and how to sell and market your products as well as the supplies and ingredients for making soap, starting your very own business is just a few clicks away. We have packed this kit with all of our best selling fragrance oils and mold sizes - we've done the research for you. In addition, not only does the Business in a Box kit include the best resources for learning to make Cold Process soap it also includes an e-book compiling all of the business wisdom from the Soap Queen Blog, organized by topic for easy reference.

You will save over $70 by purchasing this kit as opposed to buying the items separately. You can make at least 400 bars of soap with the Business in a Box kit. If you sell your soap for $4 a bar, that's $1600 in sales! You've made a profit and have money to refill your kit with Quick Mix oil, lye and fragrance (you'll probalby have extra color left over). When all you're doing is paying for the basic ingredients your price per bar will drop dramatically, giving you an even higher profit margin on your future batches of soap. When using the Lots of Lather Quick Mix oils, your cost per 4 oz bar (with fragrance and color) is less then $1.40 per bar. Now that's a business with margins you can get excited about.

You will need to provide a few things: Mixing bowls (stainless steel is best), spatulas, an apron, distilled water, and your willingness and enthusiasm to learn a new skill!

This item may only be shipped via Ground Only to the continental United States due to the Sodium Hydroxide. Please note that this kit can not be included in a rush order.

Click here to read the Hazardous Materials Waiver.

The Business in a Box kit includes:

MoldsColorantsThe Basics


Quick Mix Lots of Lather Recipes
for Included Molds
SizeLyeWaterFavorite Mold
33 oz 4.7 oz 11 oz 10" Silicone Loaf Mold
54 oz 7.8 oz 18 oz 5 lb Wood Loaf Mold
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