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Chipotle Caramel Fragrance Oil: After Lela from Bella Lucce got Anne-Marie (Bramble Berry's CEO) hooked on Good Karmal’s Chipotle Caramel candy, we set about recreating the spicy sweet fragrance that made our mouths water and our hands shake. This fragrance has been tested in CP soap and while it loses some of its sweeter buttery notes, it’s still delightful. Sweet, creamy caramel is blended with supporting notes of vanilla and nut for a traditional caramel base and then livened up with heavy doses of chipotle, cinnamon, clove and a surprising note of pimento. Because of the vanilla, this fragrance does discolor to brown and we think it’s worth it.

Vanilla Content: 3%

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

Photo Attribution: © Can Stock Photo

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