Circular Soapy Geometry Melt and Pour Kit

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Lately I’ve been thinking about how I could use column molds in new ways to get even more versatility out of the molds. The Vertical Wood Mold and the Heavy Duty Column Mold are wonderful for making swirls and layers in soap, but there’s more to soaping than just swirling. This project turned out super high contrast and playing with the colors and amounts of soap you pour for each layer can result in infinite combinations (pastel, black and white, summer combos etc…).

This kit comes with:


This kit is a little different than our other kits in that you can remove or get extra of each item in your shopping cart (and the price will adjust accordingly) before you check out. So you can just get what you need. Also please note that there are no printed instructions included with this kit, learn how to make this soap on the Soap Queen Blog here.

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