Coconut Milk Powder
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Coconut Milk Powder:  Coconut milk is packed with vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, potassium, and folate to help nourish and hydrate skin and hair.  It works great as an addition to cold process soaps or can add an extra level of moisture to your haircare and lotion products.  The lauric acid content of coconut milk gives cold process soap extra hardness and promotes a luxuriously fluffy lather. When using this Coconut Milk Powder we found it was a little tricky to mix into water however, heating the water slightly (to about 95°F) made it easy.

Learn how to incorporate Coconut Milk or any kind of milk into your soap avoiding scorching or lingering sulphur smells with Anne-Marie's book How to Make Milk Soap.

Botanical Name:  Cocos Nucifera Milk Powder, Malodextrin, Sodium Casinate  
Common Name:  Coconut Milk Powder, Malodextrin, Casein

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