Fruity Holiday Solid Sugar Scrubs Kit

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This kit is part of our Givember Tutorial Series. To learn more about Givember, click here. This kit is different than our other kits as the instructions are listed in the product description only. This kit comes with:

These easy to make, festive scrubs combine cleansing glycerin soap with exfoliating sugar to make perfect single use solid sugar scrubs!

What You'll Need:

1 oz Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil 

10 oz Shea Melt and Pour Soap Base

Lagoon Jojoba Beads

Red Jojoba Beads

6 oz Sweet Almond Oil

Diluted Tropical Hot Pink Lab Color

Diluted Aqua Lab Color

Diluted Lime Lab Color

Diluted Tropical Yellow Lab Color

Plain Sugar Scrub Mold

18 oz White Sugar


ONE: Melt all ten ounces of the Shea Butter Melt and Pour in the microwave on 30-second bursts.

TWO: Mix all six ounces of your the Sweet Almond Oil with the melted soap and stir until blended. The mix should still be liquid at this point. If it starts to thicken pop back in the microwave for a few seconds until your mixture is liquid.
THREE: Add the entire full ounce of the Cranberry Chutney Fragrance Oil and mix throughly. When the soap has cooled to 120 degrees or below, add the Red Jojoba Beads. If you add the beads when the soap is too hot, they will melt!
FOUR: Pour two ounces of this liquid glycerin and melt and pour mixture into a smaller mixing container. Add the diluted Tropical Hot Pink LabColor to your liking and mix thoroughly. Add 4.5 ounces of sugar and mix until completley blended.
FIVE: Pour or spoon into you mold cavities. You should have a thick yet pourable mixture at this point. If it is too thick to spoon or pour into your mold you may heat for a few seconds in the microwave, but don’t heat it for too long as the sugar will begin to dissolve. Let harden to room temperature and pop out of the mold. Repeat steps four and five with the Aqua, Tropical Yellow, and Lime LabColors.
SIX: After you have all of the scrubs unmolded, cut them into quarters using a knife or soap cutter.
SEVEN: Store in an airtight container such as a wide mouth jar until you are ready to use them. The glycerin soap in the recipe makes for a creamy emulsified scrub when mixed with water. To use, just take one scrub into the shower, knead with a little water in the palm of your hand and scrub over your skin! These will stay fresh for 3 months and be sure to keep them away from moisture so they don’t melt. Enjoy!
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