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Heavy Duty Column Mold with Reusable Liner - These innovative molds make a perfectly round loaf of soap.  Each mold includes a removable liner and end cap.  The new wavy texture allows the liner and end cap to be easily removed. But don't worry, the removable liner keeps the soap perfectly smooth and round.  The flexible plastic liner is thick and sturdy for easy removal of cold process or melt and pour soap.

Size: 12"(L) X 2-3/4"(Diameter/Width)
Cavities: 1
Capacity: 49 oz
Includes: 1 liner, 1 end cap, 1 column mold
Mold Material: High-density polyethylene plastic 

We recommend hand washing all of your molds and pieces to make sure they last a lifetime

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Note: Twist off the main part of the mold, away from the end cap, instead of just screwing off the end cap. The soap should stay in the liner and end cap while the mold slips easily off.

To avoid tearing the soap, just pull up one of the corners of the liners to see if the soap is ready to come out. If it tears at all, allow the soap to sit for another day or two.  If you are using a softer recipe, use of Sodium Lactate will help with unmolding.

Tip: When placing your liner in the mold for the first time the edges shouldn't overlap. If they do try flipping it around. There should be at least one inch sticking out from the mold.

These molds are easy to bump and knock over when you are using them. But we have a solution – Column Molds Stands. We also have kits of molds and stands that when purchased all at once save you money. Check out the 4 Column Mold kit; it’s like getting a mold for free!

Check out the Circle Swirled Cold Process Soap Tutorial on the Soap Queen Blog for some inspiration!

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