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Save on this Holiday fragrance while supplies last. Once sold out, this fragrance will be back in stock in July of 2015.

Holiday Candy: This fragrance smells just like the Holiday Ribbon candy that you loved as a kid (and probably still sneak at Christmas time!). To up the sophistication quotient of the berries and sugar, this fragrance is toned down with the addition of Rose and Carnation notes. If you're looking for a sweeter holiday fragrance, try this one!

Vanilla Content: .4%

Liquid Castile Testing Notes: We tested this fragrance in our liquid Castile soap base, we recommend making a small test batch just to be sure you like the results. Mixes into the base wonderfully. Goes light yellow in finished soap.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

Photo Attribution © Can Stock Photo

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