Lipstick Making Kit
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Lipstick Making Kit

Includes everything you will need to make 20 tubes of lipstick! The eleven colorants can be used separately or blended to create your own custom shades. Complete with basic instructions.

For more detailed tutorials checkout the Soap Queen Blog. This post features a sheer and matte recipe, this post has another sheer recipe, and this post has great tips for filling and labeling lipstick tubes.

Kit Includes:
• 4 oz lip balm base
• 20 Chapstick tubes,
• 0.25 oz bleached stevia,
• 1oz Passionfruit Rose flavoring,
• 1oz Titanium Dioxide and
• 0.2 oz ea. of the following colors: Brick Red Oxide, Brown Oxide, Burgundy Oxide, Red Mica, Merlot Mica, Rose Pearl Mica, Blue Cellini Mica, Cappuccino Mica, Light Gold Mica, Super Pearly White Mica and Red-Blue Mica. The mica in this kit contains Carmine as a colorant.

Note: We are temporarily replacing the white chapstick tubes with the clear chapstick tubes in this kit.  


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