Mineral Makeup Kit: Neutrals And Metallics
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Mineral Makeup Kits: Neutrals and Metallics

Blend and create your own custom eye shadows! Our new Neutrals & Metallics Eyeshadow Kit includes everything you need to make 100% natural eye shadows in a range of tones.

Each kit contains:

    • 1 oz. Titanium Dioxide
    • 1 oz. Modified Tapioca Starch
    • 1 oz. Kaolin Clay
    • 1 oz. Sericite Mica
    • 1 oz. Super Pearly White
    • Approximately 1.5 grams of each of the following: Gold Sparkle, Bronze, Honeyed Beige, Sparkle Copper, Cappuccino, Heavy Metal Gold, Vintage Grey, Patina Sheen, & Luster Black Mica
    • 2 eyeshadow brushes
    • 5 measuring scoops
    • 10 Clear Pot containers to fill with your custom creations

In addition, we have included our Mineral Make Up Book that describes the step-by-step techniques for creating mineral make-up. From foundation to bronzer to eye shadow to lipstick, our Mineral Make Up Book has specific recipes and numerous tips and tricks.

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