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Nature Fix is an all natural potpourri fixative that allows the wonderful scent of your formulations to last longer.  The porous structure of Nature Fix quickly and easily soaks up any fragrance or essential oil you'd like to incorporate into your potpourri creations or sachets.  It's a great substitute for other fixatives like benzoin and orris root which have been mentioned as skin sensitizers that have the potential to induce an allergic reaction.  Not only is Nature Fix highly efficient at hold on to your desired scent but it's also 100% natural and non-toxic.

How to Use Nature Fix:

To add scent to your Nature Fix simple combine the fragrance or essential oil and fixative in an air tight container (glass is recommended) and mix.  Seal and let Nature Fix soak up the scent for at least 2 hours.  Recommended usage is 4 ml fragrance or essential oil per cup of Nature Fix.

Now it's ready to be used in a sachet or added to potpourri.  In potpourri use 1 Tablespoon of scented Nature Fix per cup of prepared potpourri.

Botanical Name:
Zea Mays (Corn) Pieces
Common Name:  Corn 

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