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Neroli Essential Oil:  Neroli Oil is distilled from the exotic blossoms of the bitter orange tree.  The scent is perfectly balanced with a sweet and sultry floral aroma paired with earthy wood notes.  It's believed to stimulate the circulatory system, aid in the growth of new skin cells, and improve elasticity of the skin.  When used in aromatherapy applications this essential oil is thought to be calming and sedative.  Frequently used in many of today's modern perfume formulations, Neroli pairs well with citrus and floral essential oils like Jasmine, Chamomile, Lemon, and Orange.  Neroli is especially renown for being a nonsensitizing, nonphototoxic anti-inflammitory making it perfect for leave on products such as massage oils, lotions, or balms.

Distillation method: Steam Distillation

Country of origin: Morrocco

Botanical name: Citrus Aurantium

Part: Blossoms

Photosensitizer: No

Lipsafe: Yes

Flash Point: This medium-flashpoint oil (142ºF) cannot ship via USPS, regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout.

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