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Liquid Cherry Colorant -  This is a very concentrated brilliant cherry colorant. It is bright and almost neon pink in White Melt & Pour and in Cold Process soap. In Clear Melt & Pour, a nice pink/red results. Another gorgeous option for red.

Tip: Occassionally we get speckles in our Melt & Pour soap with this color. To prevent this we mix a little rubbing alcohol with the colorant to help dissolve any little dye specks before mixing it into the soap base. This color may bleed or migrate in soap, so plan your design accordingly. The more color is used, the more it can bleed.

Note: This product can be difficult to incorporate into cold process soap and speckling may result.

Botanical Name:  Glycerin, D&C Red No. 27 Lake (CI 45410)
Common Name:  Glycerin, Red 27 Lake

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