Peacock Swirl Cold Process Soap Kit

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I’m no stranger to making multiple batches of soap and perfecting recipes and techniques. It’s just part of soaping! However, the Peacock Swirl technique set a new record for me — we tried this recipe at least 6 times, resulting in more than 40 pounds of soap! Some of our batches didn’t quite make it, some of them allowed us to experiment with exciting new color palettes and some of them, after many attempts and several hours, actually turned out quite beautifully. This was all in the name of perfecting these awesome swirl tools, which makes creating the beautiful technique a breeze.

This kit includes:

This kit is a little different than our other kits in that you can remove or get extra of each item in your shopping cart (and the price will adjust accordingly) before you check out. So you can just get what you need. Also please note that there are no printed instructions included with this kit, learn how to make this soap on the Soap Queen Blog here.

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