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Making Massage Oil is fun and easy! Best of all, it's totally fool-proof  no matter what combination of oils you use, you're sure to find something that is skin loving, nourishing and provides excellent slip for a massage.

Directions: Simply mix the oils in a glass container (plastic will take on the smell of the essential oil) and pour with a steady hand into your extra massage oil bottle included with the kit. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can pour and mix directly in your final bottle but this is only for the very steady of hand!

Some recipe suggestions we like:

4 oz. Avocado Oil
1 oz. Liquid Shea oil
.75 oz. Meadowfoam Oil
10  -  25 drops essential oil (to preference)

3 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
3 oz. Sunflower Oil
10 - 25 drops essential oil (to preference)

1 oz. Meadowfoam oil
1 oz. liquid shea oil
2 oz Avocado Oil
2 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
10 - 25 drops essential oil (to preference)

NOTE: This kit contains a low-flashpoint oil and cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout.