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Basic instructions are below or go to the Soap Queen Blog for more detailed instructions. Find the candle tutorial here, The salt scrub instructions here and the lotion instructions here.

Lotion Instructions: This lotion is easy to make as is but our tips will make it even easier. To start, pour 16 oz of Aloe Lotion base into a large plastic baggie and drop in 2 ml of fragrance oil. Seal the plastic baggie and mush it around with your hands to combine the ingredients. Once fully incorporated, snip off a small corner of the plastic bag and squeeze the lotion into the containers. Cap ‘em, label ‘em and give ‘em away!

Salt Scrub Instructions: In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine 4 oz of Dead Sea Salt, 4 tbsp. of Sweet Almond oil and 2 ml of fragrance oil. Carefully spoon into the plastic containers, apply cap and label.

Candle Instructions: In a double boiler, melt 16 oz of White Beeswax. Once fully melted, turn off the burner, add 1 oz of fragrance oil and mix well. Then, carefully fill each candle tin with wax (we suggest slowly pouring from your pot or using a ladle). Once you've filled your candle tins, place a candle wick in the center of each tin. Let the candles cool for 4-6 hours. Then trim the wicks to ½ inch, apply the neatly labeled lid, and present your creation to a worthy recepient!

Tip: If you're having problems with leaning wicks, Dip the base of the wick in the melted wax and center on the bottom of the tin. Then place 2 pencils horizontally on the tin, one each side of the wick. This will give the wick a little support as you pour the wax and the candle cools. Watch our Soap Queen TV candle video for more techniques.

That's it! It's that simple!