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product and service
by April on 8/30/2014
These tubes are perfect. The price is great. I had to contact customer service to straighten out a pricing problem, and they responded super fast, were very courteous and took care of everything very professionally. I will definitely be ordering more!
lip balm tubes
by park on 8/20/2014
this is the place for your lip balm tubes and everything to make your own lip balm !! they come with the caps and the price is the best you can find! quality is top notch!
Love them!
by Betty on 8/2/2014
I have ordered both the solid and clear, and everyone loves them. They are a MUCH better quality than 2 varieties I have tried from Amazon. Very pleased! Last order was 150 while they were still on sale!
by Marte on 3/8/2014
These are great! I ordered 50 of them, and I can't believe how cheap they were. I already made about 10, and I love them. They're super cute, and easy to work with.
Great Deal
by amanda on 3/5/2014
I got these to start making lip balm for myself and my family. I ordered 20 to start with and they are perfect. this is the best deal you will get for lip balm tubes! I look everywhere before i order something to make sure i am getting the best deal. I can tell you for a fact brambleberry is where its at. everywhere else i looked was so much more expensive!
Best Price I Could Find
by Sarah on 11/11/2013
I ordered 50 of these lip balm tubes so I could make some homemade lip balm for my family and friends. Bramble Berry has the BEST prices for lip balm tubes, I had previously order 25 clear tubes from Amazon for the same price, I won't do that again. Bramble Berry has stolen my lip balm, lotion bar, soap making heart. <3
I really like these little tubes
by Cynthia on 11/2/2013
They are great for making lip balm or perfumed balm and come with lids, unlike some companies that sell the lid separately. Anyway, the only complaint I have is that some of them came with little specks of debris, like tiny glitter or something. It was only a little bit and not all of them had it but I had to rinse and dry them before using. I guess this is a good procedure anyhow because you don't want any film or anything on the plastic. I would definitely order them again, they are so useful and less expensive than others I had priced.

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