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The Little Black Dress of Micas
by Jill on 9/15/2015
I love this mica-it adds a bit of sass into my bath bombs and melt and pour soaps. I typically use this as an accent to other colors and really helps to make them have that little something extra. It's just a good all around that I keep in my "cupboard."
Beautiful but Not enough INFO!
by Pamela on 8/24/2015
I would rate this 5 stars as they are beautiful but it will get 4 and that's on BB. There is no information on these beautiful micas regarding whether to use with water, oil or either? The Titanium Dioxide has the info on your site but do not see it under the Mica descriptions? Perhaps, I should know this already but cannot believe I'm the only silly goose that wouldn't want to guess?
Love it!
by Crystal on 5/13/2015
Just beautiful! Definitely will order again!
Its nice
by Ceara on 3/14/2015
I use this in a few of my recipes. It is a nice light gold but a bit more sheer then other micas. I usually blend it with a little bit of a bronze mica to get a nice deep gold color.
Gorgeous Gold Sparkle!
by TINA V on 2/28/2015
Luv this mica for clear m&p's! It looks beautiful in any colors of soap I make.
Great mica!
by Carolyn on 11/1/2014
I've been using this mica for Christmas melt and pour soaps, and I love it. It gives a beautiful, shimmery gold color.
by Marte on 3/8/2014
This looks really nice in soap, and I like it a lot. Though it is a bit messy to work with!
Perfect Sparkly Gold
by Kenna on 1/10/2014
This is among my favorite gold micas for dusting and/or painting on top of cold process soap, or using for lines and veining. Very true sparkly gold, without a patina.
Nice gold mica
by Natalie on 11/15/2013
I dusted this on top of a loaf of gold, frankenscense and myrrh scented CP soap and it is just lovely. I added rooibos tea into half the soap batter and this mica into the other half and made layers; then with the dusting of gold sparkle mica on the top, it is the perfect Christmas soap. It gets comments at every booth. It is also pretty dusted lightly on cube soaps with Apple Jack N Peel fragrance or orange clove fragrance in them. We used a soft paintbrush to apply it lightly on the finished soaps and it gives a beautiful shimmer in the light. This is a nice, versatile mica.

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