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by Monica on 1/20/2015
Soaping Lesson No. 1 - read, read, and re-read the descriptions about micas that morph colors! I learned the hard way about Cellini Red Mica. I now have an orange colored peppermint soap, and I have no earthly idea what to do with it. If I ever need a vibrant orange soap, however, this is my go-to for sure!
Great for Lip Gloss and bath salts
by Julie on 1/15/2015
I use this in my peppermint lip gloss and bath salts. It stays red, it does not turn orange like in soap. Just in case anyone was wondering I thought I would add that info.
Pretty good
by Marte on 1/11/2015
First of all, beautiful color! Though I hoped it would stay pink in melt and pour, which it didn't. Also it didn't turn quite as orange as I thought it would in cold process! Does it change with time? I used the same amount as in the description, and it's still quite pink. Beautiful, but not quite what I was expecting.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Marte! I'm glad you like this color! In melt and pour, this color turns a pretty peachy orange. The final color of your cold process depends on your recipe! For instance, if your recipe has a lot of yellowish olive oil, the color may have a more yellow tint. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

Nice reddish pink in lip balm, beautiful tangerine orange in scrubs and lotions
by Anne on 8/10/2014
I really like this colorant. It has become one of my favorites. It is very predictable and consistent and a little goes a long long way. I started using it to make a vegan lip balm with all botanical oils and the color is a beautiful fresh tulip reddish pink. People just gravitate toward this color in a lip balm. I started using it in my Orange & Ylang Ylang Body Cream and discovered that the color perfectly describes the scent of that product between saturated tangerine and cantaloupe. Perfect for a orange and floral blend. The color was consistent when I started using it for a sugar scrub AND a melt and pour shea butter soap of the same scent. I have been really happy with this colorant.
Simply Fuchsia Pink!
by Belinda on 3/7/2014
very reach color. I used this to color my (natural) color re-batch soap. my 7yrs old daughter said, mommy, it looks like the burger "ground meat" we grilled last weekend!!!... I just love it!
Perfect color!
by Stephanie M on 1/15/2014
I used this when I was making a colored Lip balm. I wanted it to only have a hint of color and this was perfect. Very easy to work with, no clumps or morphing. Nothing I wasn't expecting. My lip balm turned out great.
by ML on 11/30/2013
So if I am going to use this color in cp soap it really is not going to be red if I use this mica alone?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi ML, this is correct. This mica will result in a peach/orange color in melt and pour and cold process soap. If you want a red, I would recommend using our Merlot (Crimson) Sparkle Mica for a deep, rich red. You could also try out our Brick Red (oxide) Pigment. -Amanda with Bramble Berry

Beautiful Summer color
by Diane on 9/4/2013
What a beautiful Summer orange. Who would have thought...from Red to The most beautiful Tangerine Orange color. Very easy to work with.

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