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if in a hurry dont bother
by courtney on 11/27/2015
If your in a hurry to get holiday gifts made and sent before Christmas, I would 're consider. There's a 48 hour hold on processing in their warehouse and this info is not presented before purchase. Be prepared to wait two week's or so just to get your order. Not what I'm looking for
Hard to pour
by Jane on 11/25/2015
The mold was smaller than I expected it to be. I had some trouble, even with the injector, pouring the soap. Overall, the kit is pretty good, but I was only able to make 3 soaps.
Love them but some trouble getting the buttons out of the mold!
by Jennifer on 11/14/2014
These are so cute! I had no trouble as a beginner with the project until the end... I am having some trouble getting the buttons and the bowtie to pop out of the mold. The rest of the project went smoothly. Probably my error... I need to research more about this issue. Get extra molds and clear soap if you really want to get 8 soaps. If you are a beginner get a few injectors just in case you have technical errors/jams. The extra molds will speed up the process.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Jennifer! I'm glad you like this kit! 99% isopropyl alcohol will help the buttons and bowtie out of the mold. You'll want to spray your buttons and bowtie with alcohol just before you pour your second layer. Spray enough to the first layer is covered but not too saturated with alcohol. This will make the buttons stick to the body and pull out smoothly. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

Love this Gingerbread Man!
by Victoria on 9/25/2014
I love this adorable Gingerbread Man! Everyone falls in love at first sight! I didn't actually use the Santa's Spruce because I didn't see Anne Marie use it in the video - and besides - he is a Gingerbread Man - he should smell like Gingerbread!!! And he does! ALSO: very exciting - I actually made a box! Wow! It works! It is cool to start with a flat piece of paper with lines printed on it and end up with a 3 dimensional box. Thank you Anne Marie and all of you at Brambleberry - you are doing a great job! Here we go...... Happy Holidays!
New Fav Holiday Project
by Bryonna on 12/11/2013
While I bought everything individually so I could make more than 6 to 8 bars of soap, I wanted to review this because I really love this project. The only reason I'm giving the kit four hearts instead of five is the addiction of the Santa's Spruce Fragrance Oil. I noticed a couple of other reviewers noted it as well. It just doesn't seem the right fit for this project. Aside from that, I love, love, LOVE it! I recommend ordering an extra gingerbread man mold if you're going to make a lot as gifts just because they take a while to harden. This is a super simple project, however. They come out so adorable and the Gingersnap is becoming one of my favorite holiday scents! I do recommend having the clean up tool. Great help if you mess up. Also, do NOT forget to spritz the detail work with alcohol before pouring the body or they won't all stick together.
A nice kit for a semi experienced soaper!
by Leanna on 12/8/2013
I got this kit for early Christmas and I was so excited to use it! I have to say this is a more intermediate project due to the fast nature of piping the "frosting" which actually went solid in my syringe! If that happens to you microwave the syringe for no more than 30 seconds! I also didn't add the Santa's Spruce fragrance oil because it didn't seem to fit with the project. I would have preferred chocolate or buttercream. The colors were perfect and the soaps turned out amazing! Oh and I recommend getting the scraper tool to fix up any imperfections with the piping! I'd buy it again!
Adorable soap, but poor kit construction.
by Tina on 11/19/2013
I love these soaps and I want to give them 5 stars because of the quality and cuteness of them - they're adorable! However, I am not happy with the construction of the kit and the instructional video, being a beginner soaper. First of all, the kit says it makes about 8 soaps. I was only able to make 6 and that was with not filling the molds to the top. There is enough colorant and fragrance to make more, but 1lb. of clear base was not enough. Second, the kit comes with 1oz. of the Santa Spruce Fragrance, but nowhere in Ann's video did she mention when to add it (I assume it was not used). She also does not mention how much colorant to add, so I guesstimated that; the colors turned out great, but, again, as a beginner, it would have been nice to have something to go off of. Overall, I do love these soaps. Just felt the above needed to be added.
Cutest Christmas soaps ever!
by Olivia on 11/14/2013
I absolutely love these gingerbread man soaps! They are cute, creative, and so fun to make! This kit contains everything you need to get started, which makes setup a cinch, and you can get to the fun part of crafting the soaps right away. I would say this is an easy - intermediate project. Whenever I make these, I can't wait until they're set so I can pop them out of the mold! Plus, Anne-Marie's video tutorial is so inspirational. Her demonstration makes the project easy and clear to understand. I have also made the gift boxes shown in the video. They make these gingerbread men so much more neat and festive, though the soaps are amazing just as they are! These gingerbread man soaps make wonderful Christmas gifts to family and friends, which I love too, since these are a gift I can make!

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