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More like four & a half
by Robin on 10/5/2015
This kit was one of my first purchases from Bramble Berry, and there have been many others since. lol Since I'm not fond of lavender, I also bought a small bottle of Love Spell specifically for this purpose. I read the booklet, followed the instructions, and created some wonderful, thick lotion that so far everybody loves. The only reason I would prefer to give it four & a half stars instead of five is that (a) I didn't really like the two fragrances included in the kit. Like I said above, I don't like lavender overly much, but, while I usually love cucumber melon, this one was way too sweet, very cloying. It reminds me of Suave's cucumber melon lotion. And (b) the bottles are a problem. The lotion comes out *very* thick, which I really like, but that means that you would be better off with a tube, rather than a bottle. For later batches, I bought tubes from somewhere else, and they work great.
Just love this kit
by Lesley on 8/3/2015
First time making lotion from scratch and could not believe how easy it was. Have always bought pre-made lotion, no more. The cucumber melon FO is a winner too . My kitchen smells wonderful and even the men in my family (and their friends) love the fragrance. Cant wait to try other oils and fragrances. This kit has a very generous supply of items to play with. Your tutorials are also fun to watch. Thanks
Must make more!
by Frances on 7/18/2015
Thank you, Brambleberry! Easy to make, comes complete with simple direction book, loved the tutorial, and the product is amazing! Love the cucumber melon FO. My skin after one application feels so smooth and amazing; I can't stop touching it and smelling it!! I am purchasing bulk now and I've 2 questions: Can this recipe be duplicated? About how long is the shelf life? Thank you, again.
This is my favorite lotion kit!
by Andrea on 7/4/2015
I've tried another lotion kit from a different soap supplier, and i found that kit very difficult to work with. However, the brambleberry kit comes with everything you need to make more than a few batches of different lotion. Its easy to follow and people constantly ask me to make them lotion with the recipe from this kit. I am very happy with it, and I highly recommend it. The only con I have about it is I wish the kit came with some disposable droppers for the fragrance and preservative because without them the measurements are tricky to get right and spillage can be a problem.
Love this lotion
by Deborah on 6/20/2015
And I love the recipe. The only reason it has 4 stars instead of five is that I think people need to be aware that it's really hard to measure out the Phenonip (not to mention the fragrance oil and optional coloring) without a dropper. I think if this kit included a couple of inexpensive droppers it would be perfect.
Great Lotion
by Rashad on 4/14/2015
This is a great lotion I tried making the first time. I made with Lavender essential oil and everyone is loving it. My first bottle was perfect, however, I noticed the other bottles were a little watery. I'm not sure since it's all the same batch. I still give 5 stars but was wondering if there was something I did wrong.
Why Change Perfect?
by Jamie on 4/1/2015
Zip zip zip and I had 12 fabulous lotions! Really love the Cucumber Melon FO! Very easy instructions, had everything measured out prior to making which made things go smooooooooth. Thank you!
Lotion Kit
by Lisa on 3/11/2015
I received the lotion kit and was able to make 12 bottles with 6 bottle of cucumber melon and 6 bottles of Ancient Sedona. I had some left over supplies which was a plus. Some one mentioned it was hard to convert .02 oz . I converted it to milliliters and had no problem. In the recipe bramble berry provided in the book it was 3ml of phenonip and 2ml of fragrance. It turned out nicely.
by Monica on 1/21/2015
This kit is perfection! The supplies are top of the line, and the instructions are well-written and easy to follow. I just made a lovely, handmade lotion in almost no time. Thanks so much, Bramble Berry!
First time making lotion
by JoAnn on 12/28/2014
It was my first time making lotion and was very please with the generous amounts of supplies sent. I had no trouble following the recipe until I got to the preservative and essential oil. I weighed everything in ozs but my scale does not measure .2 Oz. I scrambled to try to convert ozs to grams or even drops and I am not sure if I put enough in. I measured the Ty phenonip and lavender in a tiny plastic OXO brand 2 oz container. First I measured the phenonip and added it and then without washing measured the lavender In the same tiny 2 oz cup. I am not sure what kind of reaction occurred but the container is white and has some sort of scum inside that followed the flow of the liquids almost like it tried to melt. I am now worried about the lotion and I will probably toss. I was going to give for Christmas presence. I wonder if the phenonip , essential oil reacted and melted the plastic. I had already poured the lotion in the bottles and noticed when I went to wash everything.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi JoAnn! I'm glad you like this kit! Undiluted essential oils can melt plastic. We recommend keeping your essential and fragrance oils in glass containers. You can read more in the Undiluted Aroma Oils + Plastic Don't Mix post. However, once the correct usage rate of essential oil is diluted in your lotion, it is perfectly skin safe! Also, if your scale doesn't measure .2 oz, you can convert it to mL and use our droppers for precise measuring. It looks like .2 oz is about 6 mL. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

Good Lotion but not very nice feeling
by Carmen on 12/19/2014
Hi, this was my first time making this lotion and i enjoyed it quite a bit, i found the directions very easy to follow, the video was very well done and easy to follow as well but the product itself was not to my satisfaction. The lotion makes my skin very dry, i don't know why but it does, i don't have dry skin at all but i enjoy a good lotion if that make sense, even the cheapest lotion i have ever bought does not let my skin feeling this weird. i followed all the directions to the T, the lotion is of good consistency, smells OK because the fragrances were not that great either, i bottled them without any problem, they look very nice inside the bottle but my skin feels horrible and very dry which i think is the opposite effect when using a lotion :-) For the amount of money paid for the kit, which it was not so expensive but i think you get what you pay for, this is not a very nice lotion, but it looks very nice inside the bottles :-)

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Carmen! I'm glad you like the kit! In our tests and recipes, we've found this lotion is very moisturizing for your skin. However, if too much preservative or fragrnace is added, it can cause a dry feeling on your skin. I'll be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot!

Love, Love, Love!!!!
by Renee on 9/16/2014
I love this kit and the recipe!!! Easy to follow and fun!!! My friends and family keep begging for more!!! Great gift project!!! Thanks for putting it together in one small package!!!!
Not enough info included
by Hope on 8/19/2014
Let me begin by saying I am a Beginner and I have been learning a lot of things through this website. Bramble Berry rarely lets me down, but the information included on the item description and in the package may have missed the mark or maybe my expectations were too high. I expected more specific instructions or a video or a link to another blog for added assistance in making it, describing how many parts of each fragrance to add (to make up the total), disinfecting, pouring, etc - but I found none. Also as Ginny mentioned in an earlier post, the way the bottles need to be disinfected does not jive with my prior knowledge. I was reluctant to disinfect the bottles the way the booklet says because it says to put them in water over 150 degrees. I never subject plastic containers to anything above 135 degrees (max) because from prior experience it warps/melts/ruins them. So I am now researching how to disinfect the plastic bottles before I begin making this lotion.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Hope! I'm sorry this kit wasn't your favorite. The booklet says to bring your tools to 150F if you use well water, but it is not necessary for distilled water. You can also use a bleach solution to disinfect your equipment. To do so, you add 1 oz. of bleach to 1 gallon of water and dunk your equipment in. You may like this How to Make Lotion From Scratch Soap Queen TV episode. It has information about preservatives, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions on making lotion. I'll be emailing you personally to help resolve this issue!

Love this kit but...
by Ginny on 8/7/2014
This kit is wonderful! The directions to make the lotion are clear and the kit includes plenty of ingredients to make fabulous lotion. The only issue I had involved disinfecting the bottles, measuring cups, etc. The directions in the booklet say to put the bottles in boiling water to disinfect them if you have a well. I followed the directions too closely which resulted in the bottles melting. I assumed that the bottles wouldn't melt since the directions emphasize the need to disinfect them. Despite half of my bottles melting, I was able to make a great product that I am pleased with. The fragrances smell wonderful and natural. I will definitely buy scents from brambleberry. A tip for pouring the lotion into the bottles, I poured the lotion into a ziplock bag, cut one corner of the bag slightly, and poured in the product similar to a pipette bag. It worked beautifully! I recommend this product to anyone wanting to learn the art of lotion making.

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