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A good wintertime kit
by Patti on 11/28/2015
This kit is very easy and fun. The lotion bars come out well and I did not have a problem with the push tubes at all. One thing I would recommend, this is more of a 'winter project' rather than summer. I made mine in the summer and if I hadn't put them in the freezer, I don't think they would've set up well--even though my A/C works great. As it was, the coldness was nice on my skin when it was so hot outside. I added a small amount of 'Energy' fragrance and it boosted it the 'nice factor' even more.
need recipie
by Rada on 6/16/2015
Please post the recepie I got this kit as X mas present and do not have the recepie
Customers went nuts ...Sold out very fast!
by Peggi on 5/23/2015
I just love this kit! My first batch wasn't to good, but when I did it again it turned out great! I just needed to add more beeswax. Once my customers got wind of these It sold out quickly, so needing to get some more! Everyone Loved the Energy scent too! Very satisfied!!!
Looks great
by Melissa on 5/12/2015
Looking forward to trying these with my son. Could you possibly send me the recipe again please. I saw it once and then it walked off. Not sure if it was my fur babies or one of my kids. I am dying to try them. :) Never have gotten a bad thing yet from y'all
Lotion Bar Kit
by Valerie on 2/13/2015
Hi, I ordered all of the ingredients for the lotion bar kit, but did not receive the recipe with my order. I tried to look it up on the website and blog but can not locate the recipe that comes with the kit? Can you Please email it to me? I'm so excited to try it...
Hard lotion, lotion bars
by Sandy on 12/5/2014
Love this kit!! Very easy and super nice! Just need to get more!
by Belle on 10/22/2014
This lotion bars kit is AWESOME & the energy fragrance smells so good. I LOVE IT!!!
Great kit, terrible push tubes
by Anna on 4/15/2014
The kit is great and the recipe it comes with is super easy to use for the first timer. However, the push tubes are awful!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Anna! We have found these push tubes work great for a wide variety of projects. Because they are push tubes and not twist tubes, they do require you to push them up or down in order to use them. I will be emailing you personally to help you resolve this issue.

Nice little kit
by Patricia on 1/28/2014
The kit was on back order when I placed my order (multiple items) so the fragrance that comes with the kit, and my sample fragrance weren't included when the item was restocked and shipped. I quick note to customer service and I was assured it was being sent out. Excellent customer service! The kit itself contains plenty of product to complete the recipe that's included, with lots of extra left to make more or add to other projects. I made the lotion bars yesterday, and I have to say I LOVE them! These are for my own use and for gifts, but what a luxurious and frugal way to pamper yourself. The convenience of the kit makes it all the better ;)

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