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Great Tins
by Toni on 7/3/2015
I love these new tins! No leaks! The ones in the Handmade Beauty Box were not and some leaked. I get double duty out the wicks by putting a wick tab on the portion of wick I cut off. A hint to cut the wicks is to put a piece of straw cut to a quarter inch over the set up candle and cut.
Smaller wicks for this container
by Maria on 2/20/2015
Hi. I have ordered these containers before and am ordering more. I was just wondering why you do not carry two inch wicks for them. My fear of getting the six inch wicks that you carry, would be me cutting the wick too small after the candle sets. When I have people over for dinner, I always give them a candle as they are leaving. My friends just love the candles in the tins. Thank you.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Maria!  I'm so glad you love our Candle Tins and your friends love the candles you put in these!  Thank you for your suggestion of carrying two inch wicks.  We will definitely keep that in mind! I will email you personally to discuss this further.

Wax leaked out
by shaine on 2/12/2015
NOT HAPPY! I made 10 candles last night and ALL of the tins leaked wax from the seam. These were for resale... but now I cant sell them. Lost $$ on the tins, wax, scent AND my time.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Shaine! I'm sorry these Candle Tins leaked for you!  We use these tins in the soap lab and have not had a problem with them so it sounds like you may have gotten a bad batch.  I see that Rachel in customer service was working with you to resolve this.  I'm so glad she was able to help you out!  I will email you personally to discuss this further. 

Love these
by Tiffany on 1/21/2015
I just love these little tins and so do my customers. They love that its small enough that they can pack it when traveling and small enough to put any where. So far I have only made candles with them, but i want to try other things. As for the leak review I have not had a single tin leak on me. I even store my glitter, jojoba beads, and other small items for soaping in them. I just wish they could come in a tall and slightly wider can.
by amanda on 7/12/2014
i reviewed this item before i used it which i shouldn't have done. although these are very nice tins, they do leak on the side. i used mine for a salve i made and i noticed that on the side it was leaking. its not that big of a leak that i had to pour out the salve and use another container, but if you use these for candles then the wax might leak out while they burn.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Amanda! I'm sorry those candle tins are giving you trouble. We've found they hold things in securely. It sounds like you may have got a damaged product. I will be emailing you to resolve this issue.

Candle Tins
by DEANNA on 5/1/2014
I've bought and ordered over 60 of these tins. My main use is for the soy candles and using the wick that BB suggests for it. I also pkg hard lotion bars and hand creams. Very nice presentation.
Can You use these for Lotions & Butters?
by Sly on 4/3/2014
I used one of these tins a couple years ago for a whipped body butter and after about 6 months the tin started to rust. Have these tins changed since then? Can they be used for lotions & butters?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Sly! While these candle tins have not changed recently, you could certainly use them for a wide variety of projects, including butters and lotions. We have not had any issues with rusting, although if it’s something you are concerned about, Bail Jars are another great option for holding butters and lotions!

Hard to find size, perfect shape
by Krista on 2/15/2014
Since the industry changed tin sizes, it's been nearly impossible to find this size. It's the only one that fits my lotion bar mold, and grateful Brambleberry carries it! Otherwise, I was facing discontinuing a very popular item!
High Quality
by Sarah on 10/12/2013
These work perfect for container candles, I love the quality.
Perfect size
by Diane on 8/27/2013
This tin is the perfect size for my lotion bars. Easy to open and close.

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