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LOVE IT but please WRAP IT
by Crystal on 9/25/2014
Wow! I read another review a pump for different oils...mind blowing!!! The only issue- my pump was not wrapped and was in the box free flowing. It would seem much safer/cleaner if this pump was wrapped in plastic/box something. Other than that I have been amazed at the detailed packaging BB provides:)
Essential for castor oil
by Elizabeth on 12/22/2013
I use a bit of castor oil in nearly all of my soap recipes, so I bought a gallon jug (7-lb size). However, getting "just enough" castor oil to pour out was a chore. Not any more! I use this pump to slowly add the oil to my measuring bowl on the scale, and I haven't had an overpour since I got it. I also use these pumps on other liquid oils (rice bran oil, sweet almond oil, etc.) that are used in smaller quantities; however, olive oil is better to pour directly from the jug!
Love it!
by Ferguson Funny Farm on 9/26/2013
Works Great! I haven't tried to clean it yet, but so far it pumps almost exactly 1 oz per full pump. I love it!

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