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For my men
by Miranda on 6/24/2015
So my husband and son wanted me to order this kit, so glad i did! A few dents I wasn't sure we would like, putting them together was so much fun and then having fun naming them as well. We put ancient sedona and smoky patchouli together, what a wonderful combanation, we named it our Camper Jack after my camping Dad! I love the samples now i know just what to order for all my batches
Soooo good!
by Samantha on 6/15/2015
I haven't had a chance to use them all yet in my soaps, however the ones that I have made are amazing! Women seem to really enjoy the Kentish Rain and Musk scents for themselves. My personal favorite is the Spiced Mahogany!
Love this Sampler!
by Sarah on 4/20/2015
I am using these scents in massage lotion bars for me & my hubby. We were so excited to try them I only let the bars "cure" (don't know if that term even applies here) for a few days. As other reviewers mentioned, there are scents included that I would simply not have purchased individually so I am so thankful for the sampler!! We actually enjoy all of these scents! The one we maybe weren't thrilled about was Drakkar but even it wasn't offensive in the way we anticipated it to be given our scent memory of the cologne!. Wasabi and Bonsai- Fresh, even minty. Spiced Mahogany is very strong but pleasing to us. I used the same amount of Fragarence oil in each bar and next time will use less Drakkar and Spiced Mahogany but more of Kentish rain and Sensuous Sandalwood. Overall, we LOVE this sampler.
Really like the variety of scents
by Holly on 3/22/2015
I bought this sample kit recently and am really pleased with what I got.Great variety of scents here. I like just about all of them. The sample kits are a really great cost effective way to try stuff, thanks Brambleberry :)
great sampler
by michael on 1/31/2015
i was looking for some men`s fragrance oils to add to my product line because i`ve had several people ask me if i was going to add some scents to my men`s line of soaps so finding this sampler was a god send most of the fragrances are amazing and i will definitely be buying the larger sizes with the exception of black tea the rest of the scents are amazing
A great variety of men's fragrances
by Jacquie on 3/12/2014
I love getting samplers it gives me chance to try a bunch of fragrances without a huge commitment, this is probably one of my favorites! After trying out a few experiments I know know which scent to buy in larger amounts! I liked all the fragrances in this sampler but I definitely had a few that I loved!! Wasabi being one and honestly that is one I probably never would have bought on its own just to try! I won't list all the likes and dislikes because everyone has different tastes, but I do recommend this sampler!!
Bought it for my boyfriend
by Leanna on 10/3/2013
I bought this fragrance sampler kit so my boyfriend could test smell any male products I make for him or sell/give away to others. I got the box and I have to say I could smell some of the scents before I opened it! Wow! I waited until I was with my boyfriend and we test smelled all 11 scents. He liked 4, was neutral on 4, and hated 3 of them! His favorites were Black Tea, Kentish Rain, Musk Cybilla and Spiced Mahogany. He was neutral on Bonsai, Cold Water (yes it's not blue man anymore), Smoky Patchouli and Wasabi. I agree with him that we both didn't like Ancient Sedona, Drakkar, and Sensuous Sandalwood. But overall really great variety! I wish they'd make a second sampler of some of the other male scents like Bay Rum or Leather! I'll definitely buy other samplers in the future!

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