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Really like the variety of scents
by Holly on 3/22/2015
I bought this sample kit recently and am really pleased with what I got.Great variety of scents here. I like just about all of them. The sample kits are a really great cost effective way to try stuff, thanks Brambleberry :)
great sampler
by michael on 1/31/2015
i was looking for some men`s fragrance oils to add to my product line because i`ve had several people ask me if i was going to add some scents to my men`s line of soaps so finding this sampler was a god send most of the fragrances are amazing and i will definitely be buying the larger sizes with the exception of black tea the rest of the scents are amazing
A great variety of men's fragrances
by Jacquie on 3/12/2014
I love getting samplers it gives me chance to try a bunch of fragrances without a huge commitment, this is probably one of my favorites! After trying out a few experiments I know know which scent to buy in larger amounts! I liked all the fragrances in this sampler but I definitely had a few that I loved!! Wasabi being one and honestly that is one I probably never would have bought on its own just to try! I won't list all the likes and dislikes because everyone has different tastes, but I do recommend this sampler!!
Bought it for my boyfriend
by Leanna on 10/3/2013
I bought this fragrance sampler kit so my boyfriend could test smell any male products I make for him or sell/give away to others. I got the box and I have to say I could smell some of the scents before I opened it! Wow! I waited until I was with my boyfriend and we test smelled all 11 scents. He liked 4, was neutral on 4, and hated 3 of them! His favorites were Black Tea, Kentish Rain, Musk Cybilla and Spiced Mahogany. He was neutral on Bonsai, Cold Water (yes it's not blue man anymore), Smoky Patchouli and Wasabi. I agree with him that we both didn't like Ancient Sedona, Drakkar, and Sensuous Sandalwood. But overall really great variety! I wish they'd make a second sampler of some of the other male scents like Bay Rum or Leather! I'll definitely buy other samplers in the future!

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