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Nice Disposable M&P Tool!
by Crystal on 11/4/2015
These are just what they say.. Cheap to buy and easy to use. They are meant to be disposable, so I wouldn't try to use them over and over. They also seem to hold the fragrance even when washing them good. But that's okay because I can label what I used it for and just use it for that scent again.
Great for the price
by Meghan Kelsey on 4/11/2015
These are really affordable droppers, and they are of high quality. I did not experience any of my droppers breaking.
Better Quality and Price than Craft Stores
by Emily on 2/5/2015
I bought some plastic droppers at the craft store to help with the essential oils without the built in dropper things. Those ones seemed to split apart much faster and were not as well priced as these.
Love These
by Monica on 11/26/2014
These are perfect, will never be without them!!
Does the job
by Christina on 9/19/2014
They always seem to get the job done. I can never make them get past 2ml, but thats okay. The bulb also seems to break open about after 3 uses. But they are throw away droppers. So I recommend them for a one day project. :)
by Fishing 4 Bubbles on 6/21/2014
I always measure out my Fragrance and Essential oils when I make soaps. I plan out my recipes carefully and like to get the maximum usage out of each bottle of oils. These droppers allow me to keep my costs down by not wasting any precious fragrance oils. I purchased 50 at a very affordable price. I keep a cup of warm, soapy water in my work station as I make soaps. Immediately after using a pipette, I suck up some soapy water, squeeze it out, and suck some more up (to rinse the inside), then let the pipette soak as I continue to work. I wash them more thoroughly when I am done making soap for the day. This keeps me moving quickly when I am making a lot of different soaps at a time. Very little scent "sticks" to the pipettes, if any, and I haven't noticed any type of scent transfer. Love these things!
Must have
by Joan on 6/12/2014
Don't make soap without them!
by Annmarie on 6/1/2014
They are inexpensive enough to throw away after each use! I love these and I love them enough I hate to throw them away at all!!
Worth it!
by Ceme on 5/23/2014
I have over 100 different essential/fragrance oils and have paired each bottle with its own dropper ... just use, flush in soapy water, and tape to the bottle to air dry until next time. These fit the 8oz bottle too. No cross scenting my fragrances, that easy.
Precise and Easy Measuring
by Sarah on 1/10/2014
I do not want to soap without these. I hate pouring essential oils and fragrance oils into little measuring spoons and spilling expensive oils onto my counter, or spilling too much into a batch of soap. These droppers make measuring oils precise and easy, and I never spill even a drop. These droppers are a must have in my soaping arsenal.
Use these for fragrance oil!
by Leanna on 12/27/2013
If you are like me and are afraid to use the by eye method for pouring fragrance use the droppers. They are easy to clean (some more intense oils take a little more effort to get rid of the scent) and so easy to read the measurements on the dropper.

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