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More of a peachy floral
by Rachel on 5/23/2015
Very pleasant to the nose and slightly sweet, but not entirely like the fruit. More of a peach and floral combo. It still works though and smells just lovely in my soy candles. :)
Smells Lovely
by Chelsie on 2/1/2014
I love the initial smell of this FO...I did have some trouble with the scent fading into a less pleasant (though not bad) smell as the soap aged (MP soap). I just made another batch today and mixed this fragrance with a vanilla far is smells amazing! I'm hoping it lasts!
love it!
by AMY on 10/3/2013
I use in it melt and pour goats milk soap. Everyone loves it, it smells just like a fresh peach.
Old Lady Perume
by Kristin on 9/21/2013
My husband LOVES peaches. He said this smells like "old lady perfume." I agreed, but thought it might smell like peaches after made into soap. I was wrong. I cant even give the bars away. No one likes them, and everyone says they cant even imagine peach smelling it.

Reply from Bramble Berry
We are so sorry to hear that this scent wasn't what you were expecting. If you would like to try another peach-type scent, we would suggest taking a look at either our Mango Peach Salsa or Southern Peach Fragrances oils. You can also rebatch your already created soaps and add another scent to help soften the Peach Fragrance Oil.

Juicey peach
by sheena on 9/6/2013
This is the best peach f/o ever! I Use it in one of my hair products called peach pomade. when customers smell it they just want to bite right into it. I havent found a peach fragrance as strong, fresh, or as juicey as this one anywhere. Its a staple for me.
Seize monster!
by Kate on 9/3/2013
I hate to give this only 2 stars, but this fragrance seized so hard on me when I soaped it that I had to fight it into the mold; it was like a living thing; I've never seen anything like that in my life! And this was with my go-to CP recipe, used on many, many occasions before. I thought the soap would be okay, but it smelled super fake, with that chemical undertone to it. I rebatched it into a floral and managed to save the materials, but I'll probably never buy it again; I eye what's left of the bottle I already have with some amount of trepidation. Funnily enough, I have a group of ladies at my local farmer's market that buy this rebatch soap every.single. week. I don't know what I am going to tell them when it runs out!

Reply from Bramble Berry
We have tested this fragrance multiple times and in a few project and while we have seen a slight acceleration we have never experienced seizing. Higher temperatures, timing and extra additives can also contribute to seizing soap. We would love to know more about your particular recipe so that we can give you specific recommendation to help out.

Accelerates and fades :-(
by Bronwyn on 8/16/2013
I love all things peachy so I was prepared to love this one! However, it accelerated my room temperature soap (I BARELY got it in the mold, and even then, yuck), it discolored to the color of human fat (weird pink-brown-grey), and after 6 weeks? All I smell is a kind of nauseating faint creamy peach. This is the first soap I've ever chucked. If I used it again, I'd leave out a little of my soaping oil and mix it in with the FO, accent it with a little litsea or yuzu to brighten it up, and be sure to stir it in with a spoon or whisk and pour right away, skipping fancy coloring or swirls.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hello! Working at lower temperatures can help slow down trace. Also, if the fragrance doesn't stick well, you can always add a little extra. Here are some other peach scents you could try: Southern Peach or Mango Peach Salsa!

Kid friendly
by Haukur on 8/15/2013
All kids love this fo and also we adults ;) it's so good in mp base and in lotion :)
Mild in cp
by Angie on 7/6/2013
This peach scent is spot on perfect, addictive even. Smells like you just sliced up a bunch of peaches for a pie. In cp, it was simple to work with and did not discolor. My only disappointment is it did not hold in my cp soap, but faded to a mere hint of scent after the cure. makes a gorgeous lotion and sugar scrub. I'll try another cp batch and use double the fo. I'm not giving up on this one!

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Angie! If this fragrance oil didn't stick as well as you would have wanted in your cold process soaps, you can always add a little extra (as soap is a wash-off product). You might also want to try the Southern Peach Fragrance Oil.

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