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sold out in a day!
by aimee on 3/4/2014
everyone loved this scent. I originally made it for myself thinking people may not like it. I had to just make another batch because I didn't get any for myself. I'll be sure to set one aside this time.
More like candy...
by Leanna on 12/27/2013
Both OOB (out of bottle) and in my melt and pour soaps it smelled more like a raspberry candy. It smelled like it had artificial sugar type smell added. I haven't blended it yet but maybe that will take off the jolly rancher type smell to it. It's not bad but if you really wanted a fresh raspberry this might not be what you are looking for.
More like raspberry candy...
by April on 8/12/2013
...than a fresh raspberry. Very sweet smelling but is perfect for summer blends. I mixed it 1:1 with a chocolate FO and the soaps and lotions flew off the shelves.
by Sandy on 7/18/2013
I have used it in my hot process goat's milk soap and it did very well. After many months the scent did not fade. It was like a sweet berry scent.
Behaves well in CP soap
by Dana on 7/4/2013
This one didn't rice or discolor, but it was not the raspberry I was looking for. It does not smell like the BBW Sun-Ripened Raspberry. It did get hot in the mold, and even though I froze it, I still had partial gel.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Dana! If this isn't the Raspberry you are looking for, I would also suggest taking a look at our Raspberry Porter or Black Raspberry Vanilla Fragrance Oils. Hopefully you will find a raspberry scent you were looking for. This particular fragrance does tend to move fast, so you will want to be aware of that!

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